Let’s see how to put face paints in Horizon: Forbidden West, which allow you to customize Aloy’s appearance.

Those who had played  Horizon: Zero Dawn will surely remember how coveted was the possibility of putting  facial paints on Aloy’s face, which allowed us to customize the appearance of our darling. Well, this possibility returns, very accessible, within  Horizon: Forbidden West.

So let’s see how to unlock and put the face paints to your liking, to have a truly unique and all your own Aloy.

How to put on face paints

If you have got some face paints but don’t know how to make Aloy wear them, know that there is nothing strange: the game, in fact, starts to unlock them before telling you how to use them. To do so, in fact, you will have to reach  one of the cities where a  painter is available . You will recognize it by the icon of the hammer used for tattoos.

These painters are  only available in the capitals of Tenakth , so you can find them in the following towns:

  • Neraspina
  • Throwing
  • The Bastion

Once there, you can decide which paint to apply among all those you have already unlocked, or you can have the one you had removed, if you don’t like it anymore.

how to put face paints in Horizon: Forbidden West
Aloy ready for combat with a Master Archer face paint

How to get new face paints

Easy paints are obtained  by completing primary or secondary missions , but also by leveling up. They are quite frequent rewards and are identified for the tribe they belong to: the Nora paintings, for example, take up the cold colors of the Mother’s Embrace region, like those you will remember on Rost’s face. Those Carja, on the other hand, are very elegant and almost recall the tricks of our times, with colors on the lips and around the eyes.

Continuing in the game and completing the missions you will always get new paints to indulge yourself in customizing Aloy by making her put the face paints you prefer. Furthermore, even by  unlocking the valiant charges you can get the facial paint that distinguishes them, using it freely, even in the photo mode.

Facial paints in photo mode

You can also put face paints on Aloy’s face in photo mode: in this case,  the paints are only temporary and are deactivated outside of photo mode . To use them permanently, as specified, you will instead have to reach a painter and have them applied.

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