In this guide we will reveal the best tricks to beat the final boss of Elden Ring.

Your adventure in the Interregnum of Elden Ring has almost come to an end: you have faced extremely dangerous monsters and opponents, but the time is coming to face the greatest threat you have ever encountered.

If you have reached this guide, it means that you have reached your final destination in the latest FromSoftware soulslike: we will help you to be able to deal with it in the best possible way.

If not, we strongly suggest you go back to avoid potential spoilers and not spoil the surprise in any way: in this guide we will explain how to beat the final boss.

How to beat the final boss

The final battle will begin as soon as you get straight to the Elden Ring , where you will learn the truth about Queen Marika and Radagon in a cutscene , starting what will be an unparalleled battle.

Fortunately, FromSoftware’s soulslike isn’t so cruel that it doesn’t give you a chance to prepare properly: nearby you’ll find a place of grace in which to rest. Make sure you have the best equipment available, heal your wounds and advance , fearlessly preparing for a battle that will take place in two phases.

best tricks to beat the final boss of Elden Ring

How to beat Radagon

The first stage of the final boss will see you face off against Radagon of the Golden Order , a very dangerous opponent who has attacks that can cover a large area.

Not only will Radagon throw himself at you, but his attacks will often aim to hit the ground, sending a gigantic shock wave against you : to be able to defeat him you will therefore have to constantly keep an eye not only on his position, but also his moves and the area he is about to hit.

A useful trick to keep in mind to be able to defeat him is to keep in mind that his attacks recall the movements of a blacksmith : a choice desired by FromSoftware to underline his obsession with wanting to repair the Elden Ring. This will allow you to memorize his attacks more easily, predicting them much more quickly.

If you are using a ranged attacking class, focus mainly on dodging every time it gets close to you, stay as far away as possible and inflict as many attacks as you can , whether with spells or traditional weapons.

In the case of fighters skilled in hand-to-hand combat, the best strategy is certainly to move constantly and try to go around him : his weak point is in fact in the back of the body, which will remain uncovered whenever Radagon is ready. to reload or launch an attack.

Repeat this procedure several times and you will have defeated the first part of this dangerous battle – unfortunately for you, the real final boss is yet to arrive.

best tricks to beat the final boss of Elden Ring

How to beat the Ancestral Beast

Once you officially beat Radagon of the Golden Order, a cutscene will show you the boss being consumed by the Elden Ring , revealing the opponent who represents your last obstacle to complete the adventure.

The Ancestral Beast can only put you in fear because of its appearance and, above all, its dangerous area attacks that are extremely difficult to avoid.

The real final boss is in fact able to cover an area even wider than that of Radagon , thus making it necessary once again to move as much as possible along the entire game area.

But his most dangerous blow is certainly the one in which you will see multiple circles appear above you, evoking the Elden Ring above your head : if you happen to see this scene, do not think about anything other than running away. as soon as possible.

If your health is not high enough, the attack may even be able to kill you in one shot , so your number 1 priority is to avoid it at any cost.

Fortunately, its attacks will take a long time to launch – just carefully observe the Ancestral Beast to understand which move it is going to use, so as to prepare accordingly.

To defeat this powerful enemy, you will need to focus your attacks on the golden area on the stomach : this is its weak point and will allow you to inflict a lot of extra damage.

Classes that prefer ranged attacks will inevitably have an easier time, having to devote only to movement to avoid wide-range and search attacks.

If your Lightless instead prefers hand-to-hand combat, the only alternative you have left is to get as close as possible to the Ancestral Beast, but being constantly attentive to the territory so as not to get involved in the area of ​​its attacks.

It can also be a good idea to throw at him the summons at your disposal, so as to distract him and attract his attention. This way, you will be free to inflict most of the damage needed to take it down.

If you have followed our advice to the letter, we just have to congratulate you: you are officially ready to face the latest great threat from Elden Ring . But we’re willing to bet your adventures aren’t over yet.

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