How to Install Menu Mod to Access the Hacks In Among Us

To add spice to your games of Among Us, you can install a bonus option not included in the base game: the Menu mod. Here’s how.

Lost in space, a crew wanders about its business until one by one, all the members are killed by a monstrous creature. If this can evoke a horror movie scenario, it is especially what awaits the players of Among Us.

Developed by InnerSloth, the game is available on smartphones, PCs and consoles and is a resounding success. Very popular during confinement, Among Us has established itself as the party game accessible to all, giving the possibility of embodying Crewmates and Imposters .

While the game gets updates that add costumes, events, or new roles , the gameplay remains the same throughout the seasons. However, this point can tire the most assiduous players or lovers of cheating.

To remedy this, an option has emerged: the Mod Menu.


What is the menu mod for in Among Us?

Generally reserved for PC games, the mod allows you to take advantage of new settings on your favorite games. Depending on the type of game and the mods available, the options may vary: infinite money in GTA V, the possibility of removing character clothing in Resident Evil Village…

In Among Us, the main mod available is the Menu mod. Unlike some other mods, the Among Us mod is intended to configure certain features in advance during your next games.

How to Install Menu Mod to Access the Hacks In Among Us

An alternative to spice up games or turn them to your advantage

If the Menu mod is not integrated into the game, it is because it gives the possibility to whoever has it to control certain aspects of the game.

The best known of these aspects is to make you the impostor to all the parts you create. But it’s also possible to do infinite sabotages , see the game from a Crewmate’s perspective, see who Imposters are, or disable tasks for Crewmates. You can even initiate emergency meetings and sabotage the lights at any time.

None of these options are configurable unless you own the mod. However, this one can ruin the games of many players. It’s not illegal per se , but it’s not recommended if you want to maintain an authentic gaming experience.

But if you want to test these options and manipulate all your opponents, know that you will have to do a little research and some manipulation before taking advantage of the mod menu.

Where to get the Menu mod for the different versions of the game?

The Menu mod for the Android version of the game

The easiest and most accessible way to enjoy the menu mod for Among Us is to install it on the Android version of the game. To do this, you must first uninstall the game completely from your device, whether it is either on smartphone or tablet.

Be sure in the process to erase all the data related to the “old” version of the game in the phone options. This could indeed interfere and prevent the mod from working properly.

As soon as these two steps are completed, find a site where you can download the mod menu . One of the most popular and highly recommended can be found on APKadmin . Two versions are available: the light version and the full version.

Choose the version that best suits your needs based on the space available on your device and the gaming experience you want.

Then download this new version of the game on your phone and validate all the necessary authorizations . A new game icon will then appear on your device. Launch there and enjoy in the general game menu of the mod and try the options in your next games.

The Menu mod by Among Us iOS version

If you have an iPhone or iPad, the Menu mod is also available to play Among Us on iOS. However, it involves doing a risky manipulation: jailbreaking your smartphone or tablet.

Indeed, to take advantage of this function on iOS, you must directly install an application not authorized by the Apple Store on your device. The option is therefore strongly discouraged if you are completely unaware of this practice which is subject to numerous regulations which change according to the country.

How to Install Menu Mod to Access the Hacks In Among Us

If you really want to have the mod on your iOS device, get someone who knows how to jailbreak your device. Be careful, however, because if the manipulation is carried out incorrectly, this may have consequences for the proper functioning of your iPhone or your iPad.

Is there a Menu mod for the console versions?

Currently, it is not possible to mod the console versions of Among Us . This concerns both the PS4, PS5, Xbox and even the Switch version.

Is the Among Us Mod Menu compatible with Steam?

Being played a lot on PC, many players may wonder if it is possible to install the Menu mod on the Steam version of Among Us. As such, there are mods for the version of the game that it is possible to install.

Some of them are even offered legally and for free on the Steam Workshop like the Polus.GG mod.

However, Steam is quite strict on certain points. The use of mods is a common practice on PC, but it can lead to penalties if it is not done in accordance with the rules of the platform.

The Menu mod is available, but it is not offered on the Steam Workshop and involves performing the same manipulation as on Android to work. However, there is no guarantee that the game can be launched once the mod is installed. For now, it is therefore not recommended to use the mod menu to play the Steam version of Among Us.

In the future, new authorized mods may appear including the menu mod. But for now, to take advantage of this option, go through the mobile version of Among Us instead.

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