In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about the Lost Ark classes.

As in any self-respecting MMO, the choice of class for our character is a fundamental aspect in Lost Ark : this decision can take a long time, as players will want to think about which set might be the most suitable for their style of play. .

In fact, each character has not only unique statistics, but also special abilities that can make a difference, especially when users reach the most challenging phases of the game: choosing the character that best suits our abilities is therefore essential to survive.

For this reason we have decided to offer you our guide to classes in Lost Ark , thanks to which you will discover the fundamental differences and immediately discover how to make your perfect character.

Class guide and which class to choose in Lost Ark

Class guide

Your game in Lost Ark will begin by selecting one of five main classes , each of which can later evolve into advanced classes. After completing the initial prologue, your character will automatically reach level 10 and instantly have the option to select one of his specializations.

Before making your choice, it will therefore be advisable to take some time to understand what are the different strengths of each class, which we will list below:

  • Warrior – The warrior is slow and specialized in hand-to-hand combat: skilled in inflicting a lot of damage, but also has enough stamina to be able to take it. It is one of the most balanced classes in Lost Ark .
  • Martial Artist – The martial artist is an even more offensive class, focused solely and exclusively on inflicting many attacks and quickly.
  • Gunner – The gunner is the ideal choice for those who love to fight at a great distance: gunners are in fact the classic ranged units , capable of inflicting serious amounts of damage but positioning themselves far from the opponents.
  • Mage – The mage certainly needs no introduction: unlike the other classes in Lost Ark , a mage can use his unique magical abilities for both offensive and defensive purposes.
  • Assassin – An assassin is able to move quickly and inflict devastating combos at the same time – this is a class suited to those who want to defeat enemies in a few hits and switch between objectives.

Guide to advanced classes

Now that you have a general idea of ​​the strengths of each individual Lost Ark class , there is another aspect to consider before you can make your final choice, which is to fully understand the different specializations.

Each base class can in fact be transformed into at least two advanced variants , but of course you can only choose one after completing the prologue. Just like above, we’ll easily explain what the differences are for each individual advanced class.

  • Warrior – Being a very balanced class, players will be able to easily choose their specialization based on the approach they want to adopt. The Berserker specializes in dealing damage , the Gunlancer is a tank that can withstand a great deal of damage, and the Paladin is the perfect balance of attack and support .
  • Martial Artist – In the case of martial artists you can choose between 4 classes, but there are no particularly noteworthy differences: it will simply change the way your character will fight. The Striker specializes in devastating air strikes and kicks , the Wardancer will use powerful elemental abilities , the Scrapper will use gigantic attacks to pulverize groups of enemies and, finally, the Soulfist will be able to choose between close or ranged attacks .
  • Gunner – Even with regards to the Gunner, the basic gameplay will remain practically identical, but based on the advanced class chosen, the arsenal that you will bring into battle will change. The Gunslinger will be able to quickly change firearms , the Artillerist will have with him rockets and extremely powerful weapons , the Deadeye will have with him many weapons for every occasion and, in conclusion, the Sharpshooter will effectively use bow and arrows .
  • Mage – The quintessential wizarding class has only two specializations, but both are extremely different from each other. If you want to focus on dealing damage , then you can choose the Sorcerous ; if not, bet everything on Bard , the best support available in Lost Ark .
  • Assassin – Even assassins only have two specializations, which while not changing the basic gameplay will push players to adopt different combat approaches: the Deathblade uses three blades to slice enemies and escape, adopting a hit-and-run strategy , while the Shadowhunter will use the monsters’ tactics against them, assuming demonic forms to hurl dark powers at them.

Now that you know how each class works in Lost Ark , you can take all the time you need and decide which character is most congenial to your style of play , perhaps also taking into account the choices made by your friends.

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