How to make a shield in Minecraft

Very useful for protecting your character in Survival or Adventure mode, the shield has become an essential item in Minecraft. Here’s how to make it. 

Since its launch in November 2011, Minecraft has won over millions of players thanks to the different aspects of its gameplay. Belonging to the “Sandbox” genre, it offers players the opportunity to advance in the game as they wish. Minecraft has also grown in popularity thanks to its 3 main game modes: Creative mode (where players can build at will), Survival mode and Adventure mode.

In both of these modes, the player needs to defend themselves against the hostile creatures that populate the cubic world and attack on sight. Among these dreaded creatures, we find among others Zombies, Ghasts, Magma cubes or Creepers. Faced with these creatures, the player has the choice to flee or fight. And if he goes for the second option, then it is recommended to craft equipment.


The shield, a practical accessory that was slow to arrive

As its name suggests, in Minecraft the player must craft (i.e. make) objects to progress. One of the first things he learns to do is to collect wood to make planks. Thanks to this system, the player can create components for his house, blocks (especially TNT) but also tools and weapons. To defend himself and move forward, he can make a bow and arrows, a sword and even full armor.

In order to protect himself from certain attacks, he can also use a shield if he has one in his possession. But before being able to create it, the players had to wait almost 5 years. It was indeed with the 1.9 update (also known as the “Combat Update”) released in February 2016 that the shield made its debut in the game. Note that before its arrival, the player could parry the blows with his sword. However, since this update the sword has lost this functionality. If you want to protect yourself from sword strikes and other attacks, then a shield is a must.

How to make a shield in Minecraft

How to make the shield in Minecraft?

The advantage of the shield is that it is quite simple to manufacture and requires few components. To start, collect 6 stacks of wooden planks. All planks can be used to create a shield. Moreover, it is not mandatory to have 6 planks of the same wood. You can perfectly use 2 oak planks, 2 birch planks, a fir plank and a black oak plank for example. Beyond the 6 wooden planks, you will also need an iron ingot. To get one, cook iron ore or raw iron with fuel in a furnace.

How to make a shield in Minecraft

Once you have gathered all the materials, open the crafting table and place the materials in the following order. On the top line, lay a plank, an iron ingot, and a plank. On the center line, put 3 boards, and on the bottom line, leave a gap, place a board and leave a gap again. Once the shield is obtained, you can equip it or place it in your inventory. Be careful though, because like other items, the shield has limited durability. To repair a damaged shield or one that has lost durability, two options are possible.

You can repair it by placing it on an anvil. It will then be necessary to provide additional boards to repair it. The second option is to place two damaged shields in the center of the crafting table. By combining the durability of the two shields, you get a new operational shield. In addition, it benefits from a durability bonus increased by 5%.

Customize your shield by decorating it with your coat of arms

When the shield is complete and equipped, adventurers can use it to protect themselves. But Minecraft offers so many creative possibilities that an unusual feature has emerged. Players who wish can add an extra touch to their shield by customizing it. To do this, take your shield and place it on the first space on the center line of your crafting table. Then place a banner in the center of the table. The banner’s color or pattern will then transfer to your shield to give it a unique look.

If a banner is used, it does not mean that the shield can be washed or repainted. Applying a banner also does not affect your shield durability. She just gives it a new look to make it stand out on your adventure. Then use the surface of the shield as a canvas where you can draw unique patterns like flames, a skull or even a Creeper face.

Use the shield in combat

If you have the shield equipped, then you can use it to block enemy attacks. It is used to block melee attacks, projectiles, the Thorns enchantment, and explosions. By using the shield, you should know that your character will be slowed down, but the damage from hits will be held back by the shield. When the enemy projectile launcher is close to the shield, the projectile sometimes bounces in the direction of the enemy, causing additional damage. Shields can even be used to limit fall damage. However, despite the shield, some damage is not reduced such as fire damage or Guardian lasers.

To enhance the shield’s abilities, “Toughness”, “Mending”, and “Curse of Vanishing” enchantments can be affixed. However, unlike other items, the shield cannot be enchanted via the enchantment table. If you want to enchant your shield, you will need to use an anvil. However, this detail remains a formality and players can very easily create, enchant or customize their shield. So don’t wait any longer to equip yourself with it and emerge victorious from your battles against monsters and players!

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