How to beat Sierra in Pokémon GO

Team Go Rocket’s second most feared leader, Sierra is a formidable opponent in Pokémon GO. Find out what his Pokémon are and how to beat them.

A Pokémon Trainer’s life is at some point disrupted by Team Rocket. In Pokémon Go, Team GO Rocket rages around a Pokéstop . To stop their misdeeds and save the shadow Pokémon, players of the mobile version of Pokémon can challenge them since 2019.

While minions are easy to defeat, bosses are much less so. It is however necessary to face them to reach Giovanni . The leaders of Team GO Rocket are 3, and among these powerful shadow trainers is Sierra.


Sierra, a woman with an iron fist

A member of the trio of leaders, Sierra is the only woman to have reached this rank. Particularly feared by trainers, she will definitely give you a hard time with her team.

To stand out from the other bosses, Sierra has pops of purple and yellow in her outfit. She also sports an elegant hairstyle with a falling lock and a wand adorned with a Pokéball. She is also the only member of the entire Team GO Rocket to wear a white outfit.

How to beat Sierra in Pokémon GO

But while Sierra may be easily recognizable, to find her, trainers must first overcome several minions.

Meet Sierra in Pokémon GO

Get GO Rocket Radar

Before they can take on the bosses , be it Sierra, Arlo, or even Cliff, players must collect a Go Rocket Radar . This one is obtained automatically having collected 6 mysterious elements . To collect these mysterious elements, simply spin a black Pokéstop . That means a Team Go Rocket minion is occupying it.

You then have to beat your 3 Pokémon , which is quite simple. A clue concerning the minion’s favorite Pokémon type is slipped into the text preceding the fight. It is then enough to adapt the team and as a reward, the minion will give a mysterious element.

Find Sierra

Once the radar is obtained, it activates automatically. Visible on the right of the screen, it indicates nearby Pokéstops where the bosses are . However, the bosses are random. So you have to go there and see what figure is there. If it is white, it means Sierra is ready to fight.

Sierra’s team

Like the other bosses, Sierra’s team worries the players as its composition changes. Its first Pokémon is the same in each battle: it is Nidoran ♀ . However, the Pokemon used in 2nd and 3rd position changes with each encounter.

After defeating Nidoran, Sierra can randomly send one of the following 3 Pokémon: Flagadoss, Rafflesia, or Dardargnan .

Finally, for the last fight, Sierra can also randomly send one of her 3 best Pokémon: Boneskiller, Nidoqueen and her favorite, Houndoom .

How to beat Sierra in Pokémon GO

What Pokémon or Types can I use to beat Sierra in Pokémon GO?

To easily overcome this match, the composition of the team is essential. It is therefore important to favor effective types on several Pokémon in Sierra and to favor charged attacks that are quick to launch.

Because unlike minions, bosses use their shields to protect their Pokémon from attacks. Forcing Sierra to use all 3 can be a real advantage in winning.

Beat Nidoran ♀

How to beat Sierra in Pokémon GO

Nidoran ♀ is hands down the easiest of the 3 Pokémon to beat. Sensitive to Ground and Psychic attacks , the female version of the Nidoran will be no match for a Rhinastoc or a Garchomp . These two Pokémon will be all the more effective if they have Mudcous or Turbi-sand. In addition, they can be used for the rest of the match.

If we don’t have these Pokémon, Gyarados, Charizard or Goupelin can be good alternatives that will also be used in the matches that follow.

Defeat Dardargnan, Rafflesia or Flagadoss

With the second match, you have to bet on the probability of seeing Dardargnan or Rafflesia come out. These two Pokémon have the same sensitivities to Flying, Psychic and especially Fire types .

To beat them in no time, planning a Pokémon of these types is a good option that has a 2 out of 3 chance of working. If you have them, place Charizard, Ho-oh, Heatran, or Goupelin on your team .

If it’s Flagadoss that comes out, the preferred Pokémon will be totally different. He may thwart the plans to beat Dardargnan and Rafflesia, Flagadoss has many weaknesses . It is susceptible to Bugs, Ghosts, Electric Pokémon, Dark, and Grass. Pokémon like Blizzaroi , Yveltal or Pharamp will be perfect for defeating them.

Defeat Nidoqueen, Ossator or Houndoom

The last 3 Pokémon in Sierra can be scary because they have different types and sensibilities. But Bonekiller, Houndoom and Nidoqueen have a fatal point in common: they are all 3 sensitive to the Water type .

The Gyarados used for the fight against Nidoran ♀ will be able to return in order to eliminate the last Pokémon of Sierra. However, if you have them, favor Pokémon like Kyogre, Laggron or Mega- Btortank which are among the best Water Pokémon available in the game.

Ossator and Nidoqueen are also susceptible to Ice attacks . If you took Blizzaroi to beat Flagadoss, he can also serve you for this last match. However, he will need to have a Plant attack and an Ice attack to be useful. Goupelin ‘s double Fire/Psychic type can also play in your favor if you fall against Nidoqueen who is sensitive to Psychic.

The video guide to help you beat Sierra

If despite these tips Sierra wins the match, don’t worry. As long as you have enough to heal your Pokémon, you can start the fight again and even change your team. Use Max boosters or Hyper potions to restore your favorite Pokémon to full health and return to battle.

Do not hesitate to insist and if you emerge victorious from the match, you will have accomplished one of the 3 objectives necessary to face Giovanni, the boss of Team GO Rocket!

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