How to beat Arlo in Pokémon GO

Last of the three leaders of Team Go Rocket, Arlo is a serious trainer. Find out how to win your fight against him and which Pokémon to favor.

Pokémon GO offers multiple activities for players such as going on raids against Legendary Pokémon or walking to hatch eggs. In 2019, Niantic added to its flagship game the ability to take on the dreaded Team Rocket.

Being a highly organized criminal organization, Team Go Rocket has a big boss (Giovanni), dozens of minions but also bosses. A veritable bulwark protecting Giovanni, the trio of leaders is made up of formidable trainers .

During your explorations, you can thus meet the imposing Cliff or even the devious Sierra . And if you’ve already faced them, you only have one leader left to eliminate: Arlo.


Arlo, the tactician

Third member of the trio of leaders, Arlo hides behind his glasses and his disdainful gaze a rage to win and a threat not to be underestimated.

Recognizable by his black and orange outfit , he also likes to wear touches of red. Her favorite color is also present on her drooping lock . He is also the only one of Team GO Rocket’s leaders to wear glasses .

How to beat Arlo in Pokémon GO

If he may seem less formidable than his two friends, Arlo remains a difficult trainer to beat. Don’t underestimate your team and prepare well before facing it.

Meet Arlo in Pokémon GO

Obtain the Radar Rocket

Just like Cliff and Sierra, Arlo is not accessible during your walks. To be able to face him, you must obtain a Radar Rocket by collecting 6 mysterious elements. These items are awarded after you defeat a Team GO Rocket minion. So spot the black Pokéstops during your walks . This means that they are guarded by a minion ready to fight against you.

Very easy to eliminate, the minions give you a clue about the type of their Pokémon before the start of their fight . This is visible in the dialog box just before selecting your team. Defeat 6 of them and the Radar Rocket will appear on the right side of your screen.

Find Arlo

As soon as the radar is operational, you can go in search of Arlo. Just like the minions, you can encounter it at a black Pokéstop . However, he will not necessarily be present at the first Pokéstop encountered.

In addition, the appearance of leaders is random. So take the time to look at the outfit of the person under the Pokéstop. If you spot Arlo’s Red Wick , then you can start the fight.

The Arlo Team

Like Sierra and Cliff’s teams, Arlo’s team composition is random. Only the first Pokémon of his team is the same in each confrontation: it is Scorplane.

Once Scorplane is defeated, Arlo can send one of the following 3 Pokémon into battle: Vacilys, Lokhlass or Mysdibule .

How to beat Arlo in Pokémon GO

Finally, the third and last Pokémon you will have to face will be either Scizor (his favorite Pokémon), or Gardevoir or the most feared of all: Snorlax .

What Pokémon or Types can I use to beat Arlo in Pokémon GO?

Defeat Scorpplane

Scorplane is a Ground and Flying type Pokémon. In this, it is susceptible to Water-type attacks but especially has a double weakness against Ice Pokémon . This detail makes it the easiest of Arlo’s 3 Pokémon to eliminate.

With all the options available among the Water Pokemon , you can take whatever you want. If you want to take an Ice Pokemon instead, choose Mammochon, Articuno or Lakhlass , making sure you have Ice Laser, Blizzard or Avalanche in charged attack.

Defeat Vacilys, Mysdibule or Lokhlass

Unlike the other bosses, the second Pokemon Arlo sends into battle will have few weaknesses in common with the other 2 options. If you’re a bettor, take a Fighting type as your second Pokemon . Indeed, Vacilys and Lokhlass have this weakness in common.

To increase your chances of passing this round, take Mackogneur, Lucario or Braségali in your team . If your Braségali has a Fire attack and a Fight attack, it can also allow you to beat 2 Pokemon : Vacilys and Mydibule. It can therefore be a good option if luck is with you.

But if you prefer to take an effective type for a specific Pokémon, here are the types to favor:

  • Against Lokhlass, take a Grass or Electric Pokemon like Lucidulo or Magnezone
  • Against Mysdibule, take a Ground or Fire Pokemon like Roitiflam or Rhinastoc
  • Against Vacilys, take a Bug or Steel Pokemon like Scizor or Metagross

Defeat Gardevoir, Snorlax or Scizor

For the third and final round, some of the Pokemon used in the second fight could prove to be very effective if they survive. Braségali , with its fire type, will indeed be effective against Mysdibule but also against Scizor who has a double weakness to this type. And if you have priced a fighting-type Pokemon , it will also be very effective against Snorlax whose only weakness is this type.

However, the problem is Gardevoir. Sensitive to Poison, Ghosts, and Steel, this Pokemon could give you a hard time if it falls. To prepare for any eventuality if the first two Pokemon on your team do not beat the third, here are the types to take:

  • Against Scizor, take a Pokemon with two Fire attacks like Arcanine or Charizard
  • Against Snorlax, take a Fighting-type Pokemon like Lucario or Betochef
  • Against Gardevoir, take a Poison or Specter Pokemon like Nidoqueen or Gengar

The video guide to beat Arlo in Pokemon GO

If despite the advice and the video guide you lose your match against Arlo, don’t be discouraged! Following the match, you know the composition of his team and can adapt yours accordingly.

And to make your fight easier, take a pokemon with fast attacks. This will force Arlo to use his protective shields and then you will have a better chance of eliminating him. So go face the last of the bosses to earn the right to face Giovanni!

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