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If pets are legion in Azeroth, a good dose of patience, determination and luck will be required to obtain these 10 companions. 

Do you have any of these little creatures in your collection?

Sometimes dubbed PokéWoW , hunting and training battle pets is a real activity in its own right in World of Warcraft. Whether it’s to catch them all, fight PnJs or other players, many players have fun with these mini-monsters.

To increase your collection or have the best team, there are several ways to collect mascots . However, some of them are more difficult to collect whether it is for luck, determination or other reasons.

World of Warcraft


The different ways to get pets in World of Warcraft

From level 5, players can learn to train battle pets to challenge players and PnJs. But if the pet battle arrived with Mists of Pandaria, collecting these mini-companions dates back to the early days of the game .

For this, there are several ways to do it. The first is to get a pet as a reward, either by completing a quest or opening a special item. The second way is loot . In raids in particular, many pets appear in the loot table of bosses.

World of Warcraft

Depending on the trades, it may also be possible to make them. With Mists of Pandaria, pets can be captured from the wild , just like Pokémon. Finally, it is perfectly possible to buy the mascots directly at the Hôtel des Ventes.

More complicated pets to collect

In the multitude of mascots currently available in the game, some are harder to get than others. While they can be purchased from the Auction House sometimes for astronomical sums, they are obtainable for free .

The pets counted in this ranking are therefore permanently accessible, are not linked to particular events, in-game purchases or card game codes.

What are the 10 most difficult pets to collect in World of Warcraft?

10. All island exploration pets

Introduced in Battle for Azeroth, island exploration is a secondary activity where players must complete an objective before the enemy camp in the shortest amount of time. This “mini-game” is rewarded with a chest containing rewards.

But with 28 pets to collect with no guarantee of having a pet each time you explore , collecting them all becomes difficult and time-consuming.

9. Young Sun Fairy

World of Warcraft

The young sun fairy is a magnificent drake-fae that requires a lot of patience and materials. Before going in search of its egg in the bottom of a cave of Winterspring, you will have to gather no less than 16 different objects intended to help you pass 16 walls.

However, while some items can be crafted or purchased, others must be looted from monsters. enough to discourage some from embarking on the hunt for drake-faes.

8. Felicia

What are the 10 most difficult pets to collect in WoW?

Known as Jenafur in English, this cat is a secret pet that took over a year to find out how to obtain it. And for good reason, it includes 3 major stages in Ashenvale, the forest of Elwynn then in the raid of Karazhan .

In addition, you have to collect multiple elements throughout the raid, which will be difficult for players who do not have the appropriate level or a very good group.

7. Creeping Claw

This hand-shaped pet is obtained by collecting 150 Tol’vir Archeology Fragments. But just like the Specter of Azj’Aqir (a mount among the 10 hardest to get in the game ), you must first find the artifact by assembling other Tol’vir objects.

Also being among the least common artifact pieces in archaeology , getting the claw will take time…a lot of time.

6. Lagan

Lagan is a moray reminiscent of Ursula’s in “The Little Mermaid”. And for good reason: it is obtained by completing the achievement “Poor souls in perdition” , a nod to the song of the sea witch. To do so, defeat Helya in the Maw of Souls  on Mythic difficulty while all players have the Poor Lost Soul debuff.

5. Hateful Eye

This demonic eye is difficult to obtain because it is reserved for only two classes in the game : warlocks and demon hunters. To have a chance of obtaining it, the character must be level 105, go to their class hall and summon a demon using one of their special abilities. The eye is a possible loot reward and cannot be caged.

4. Counterfeit Bing-O-Tron

Often installed in the capital, the Bing-O-Tron is an invention of the engineers who distribute gifts to each person he meets. Among these freebies is a mechanical pet available from the Bing-O-Tron 6,000 loot table .

But the counterfeit Bing-O-Tron drops only rarely, and only when you request a gift from that specific model.

3. Celestial Young Hippo

The Celestial Young Hippo itself isn’t hard to collect as you only need to buy it from the Mad Merchant in Dalaran . The only problem is the amount you have to pay to afford it. This little starry hippopotamus costs the modest sum of one million gold coins . A heck of an investment that players prefer to put into massive mounts or other larger purchases.

2. Sire Pincer / Carapasseau

These two crabs in armor representing the Alliance or the Horde give battlefield enthusiasts a hard time. In addition to each being exclusive to a faction, you must reach honor level 400 for the first time with a character. Enough to discourage more than one before even getting into PvP.

1. Grandpa

The flapping of a butterfly’s wing can cause disaster, but in World of Warcraft it mostly unleashes frustration for pet collectors. Appearing in Battle for Azeroth, Grandpa is the most difficult pet to collect of all the loot pets.

This beautiful blue morpho can be obtained from the corpse of the Cool Jelly Deposit . But its drop rate is 0.4% , which makes this butterfly the most difficult pet to obtain!

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