How to play among us for beginners in 2022

Hit on PC and consoles, Among Us allows you to have a good time with friends. However, there are a few rules to know for a better gaming experience. 

Available since 2018 on PC, then later on iOS, Android, and finally on consoles in December Hit on PC and consoles, Among Us allows you to have a good time with friends. However, there are a few rules to know for a better gaming experience. 2021, Among Us is an independent game developed by InnerSloth studio. But it has seen real interest in 2020 and 2021. Belonging to the category of online multiplayer games, it allows you to play with family or friends in addition to offering very simple gameplay.

Accessible to all, the game has made itself known above all thanks to a central element of its gameplay: the Imposter. The latter gives rise to intense debates, manipulation games and a lot of discretion.

If you want to embark on the galactic adventure, whether on the Crewmate side or the Imposter side, it is better to be prepared. Because despite a very simple principle, there are some secrets and tips to know to make the most of all the features of the title.

What is Among Us?

Among Us puts you in the shoes of a crew member traveling to a space station. The crew consists of between 4 and 10 different members. Each member wears a colorful jumpsuit and players can customize their character by putting on a mask, hat or unusual accessory.

Once all the players have validated their selection, a countdown is launched and the game begins. The game then randomly assigns a role to each player who appears on the screen.

There are two roles in the game: Crewmate and Imposter. However, all players must keep their identities secret for the duration of the game.

A different purpose depending on the assigned role

The goal of the game then varies according to the given role. For the Crewmates, the object of the game will be to complete all given tasks and survive the Imposters . Spots take the form of mini-games but mostly a list in the top corner of the screen that turns green as you go.

How to play among us for beginners in 2022

For the Impostor(s) on the other hand, the goal will be to take out all the Crewmates without getting caught . However, the task can be complicated because the Imposter is a character who can become very sneaky.

The Imposter, a player (almost) like the others

When someone is marked as an Imposter at the start of the game, the first thing to do is to remain discreet. Indeed, there is no difference between the two roles. Imposters can move freely around the ship and even give the illusion of performing tasks.

However they have two additional features visible only on their screen. When he approaches a Crewmate, the Kill button appears at the bottom of the screen. He can then click on it to assassinate a player.

How to play among us for beginners in 2022

Another feature of the Impostor is that it has a secret movement mode. In several rooms of the ship are small hatches similar to ventilation grilles. Inaccessible to Crewmates, Imposters can slip in to quickly change rooms.

In both cases, they must not be spotted because these actions can be fatal to them.

How is a game of Among Us going?

Before starting the game, it is recommended to gather all players in a voice channel like Discord so that they can chat together later in the game.

Accomplish its missions

As soon as the roles have been determined and the game has started, all players set off to explore the ship. The latter is divided into large rooms, each with a function. We find pell-mell the cockpit, the video surveillance room or the engine room.

How to play among us for beginners in 2022

In the majority of rooms there are one or more mini-games . These are quite simple and only require a few manipulations. This is designed so that the player, whether playing with a mouse, a controller or via a touch screen, can do them without a hitch.

Crewmates wander around the ship to complete their tasks while Imposters can hide or follow them waiting for an opening to kill them.

If a corpse is found, the player who finds it can choose whether or not to report it. An alarm goes off and players go into advice mode.

Consultation and voting

During the consultation, the players can use their microphones and discuss . As a general rule, each player takes the opportunity to give his opinion, explain where he was at the time of the incident or describe what he saw.

This consultation is the major point of the gameplay because it is based both on trust but also on the manipulative spirit of the players. Indeed, unless he was caught red-handed, the Imposter must lie to stay undercover.

The consultation is therefore a major moment for him. And if he does not know how to lie, it can be heard in his voice or his arguments. Both Crewmates and Imposters must therefore defend their arguments tooth and nail because each consultation leads to a vote.

Players only have 2 minutes to give their arguments and vote . All you have to do is click on the name of the player you want to exclude. After two minutes, if there is a tie, no one is excluded. But if a name stands out, a character is kicked out of the ship.

Exclusion of a player

When a player is expelled, his role is revealed . If a Crewmate has been expelled, play continues until a winner is determined.

If an Impostor has been expelled, the game ends and the Crewmates win the game. This rule is valid with 4 or 5 players when there is only one Impostor. If there are 7 or more players, there are two Imposters to eliminate so the Crewmates must again be wary.

New roles for crazier games

At the end of 2021, the creators announced the arrival of new roles for the characters. Among the Crewmates, the Engineer, the Guardian Angel and the Scientist make their appearance.

The Engineer can move through air ducts, the Guardian Angel can protect surviving players from the Impostor’s attacks, and the Scientist can see the health status of all players.

But the Imposter is not forgotten. He can now become a Changeling (Shapeshifter) which can take on the appearance of a dead player. Which give rise to many twists and frenzied parties. All you have to do is try them!

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