Drag Queen NPCs in front of the Cockatoos nightclub were removed from the GTA V remaster – they were considered a mockery oftrans people. Rockstar also removed the image of the figurine with “removable genitals”.

Drag Queen NPCs were removed from the GTA V remaster

Kirsty Cloud from GTA Forums recently drew attention to the changes in the GTA V remaster. According to her, in the updated version of the action, drag queen NPCs will no longer “spawn” in front of the Cockatoos nightclub.

Previously, passers-by who change into women’s clothes met just near this institution. This was considered an inappropriate caricature and a manifestation of stereotypes in relation to trans people, since drag queens are people from a completely different community, often not associated with trans people in any way.

In September 2021, LGBTQK+ organization Out Making Games spoke out against such representation , stating that Rockstar’s depiction of trans people encourages violence against them and contributes to the spread of stereotypes.

Cloud notes that normal NPCs now spawn near the Cockatoos, but the drag queen models of the passers-by are still in director mode.

Drag Queen NPCs were removed from the GTA V remaster

The developers have removed the ability to select dialogue for these NPCs. Cloud believes that, most likely, along with this, the phrases of the protagonist, who could say that these people are taking hormonal drugs, were also removed from the game.

On Reddit, meanwhile, they noticed that Rockstar replaced the image of the Captain Spacetoy figure, which had “interchangeable genitals.” Now, instead of him, a regular figure in a black suit is depicted without any inscriptions.

Drag Queen NPCs were removed from the GTA V remaster

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