How To Get 200,0000 Runes Elden Ring

There is a trick to earn 200,000 runes in the game Elden Ring without any effort! We give you more details.

Earning 200,000 runes effortlessly in Elden Ring is now possible! MCE TV reveals the trick to follow.

Earn runes on Elden Ring

Here’s a trick that may make some players in the From Software community cringe. But know that it is indeed real.

Indeed, Elden Ring players have discovered a new rune farming trick in the video game . Thanks to this new method, players can earn runes without even having to fight!

Besides, the promise is enticing. Indeed, in the best conditions, it is possible to earn up to 200,000 runes every 2 minutes! Just that.

Some players in the Elden Ring community might think this is cheating. But in reality, if this trick exists in the game, it is because it is made to be used!

Some Elden Ring players probably know the place in question. This is where the mobs are that will allow you to earn nearly 20,000 runes every 2-3 minutes depending on your ability to eliminate them super fast. But this time, you won’t have to kill them!

The quest for Visage Blanc Varré allows you to discover the place in question. To access the location where you can get the runes, you will have to do a few small jumps.

From the point of grace of the place of farm you can take your horse-goat and go to the level of the arch. You will then have to climb this arch in 2 or 3 jumps. Rather simple! You will have to do a double jump to go over the ledge.

How To Get 200,0000 Runes Elden Ring
Elden Ring: this trick to earn 200,000 runes every 2 minutes!

The method to follow

If you play Elden Ring connected to the internet, it will be enough to follow the messages of the players. These will tell you where to jump from to get to the top of the wall.

Once this step is successful, all you have to do is go straight ahead to reach a shady area. And there, Elden Ring players will have to jump into the void! But don’t worry, it’s not a trap.

The fall will last about a minute. You will go past walls and through the floor of the map. But do not panic ! When you see the runes appear on your counter, you can teleport to the grace point on the map.

We also advise you to equip yourself with a talisman of the Golden Scarab and to consume a Poultry Leg in Golden Brine in order to optimize the obtaining of the runes. Now you know how to get runes easily in Elden Ring.

However, some players have reported that the game was slower after using this method several times. You should know that this trick uses a slight glitch in the game.

Even if it does not seem to have any consequences on the saving of your game, it is better to be careful. In any case, this method is still worth testing. If you prefer to play it safe, do it once just to be reassured.

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