Like any other successful MMORPG, Lost Ark also features a full-fledged auction house that can be used to buy hard-to-find items. In addition to getting items cheaply and instantly, the Auction House has a lot of other advantages. However, figuring this out can be a little confusing. In this guide to Lost Ark, we have detailed everything you need to know about the auction house.

Lost Ark Auction House Guide - How To Unlock, Bid, Redeem

Auction house “The Lost Ark”

Before we begin, please note that the auction house is not available from the very beginning of the game. It becomes available only after the character reaches level 30. Once unlocked, it can be accessed from the Auction House menu located right below the map.

Inside the auction house, the player will be able to trade items such as mounts, food, adventure books, pets, etc. However, things get a bit confusing when buying these items. There are two different methods by which the player can acquire the desired item.

First of all, we have the possibility of bidding. This basically allows the player to place a bet on an item. And while this method can be a lot cheaper, it can be time consuming and having to win a trade war against other people can get a little tedious for some players.

Another option is a buyout. This ensures that the player will instantly receive the desired item, albeit at a higher cost. But for people who are sitting on a lot of currency and do not want to bother with winning trades against other players, this is a more suitable option.

That’s all we have in our Lost Ark auction house guide. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed Lost Ark wiki page .

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