How to remember what we read for a long time

No more reason to panic for students. And for good reason, here are the 5 best tips for successfully retaining what you learn.

Learning many courses is not an easy task for students. So, here are the top 5 tips for retaining what you learn . MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Students: life-changing tips

It’s no secret that student life isn’t the calmest. And yes, students must then face many constraints . Budget, exams, anxiety or diploma, nothing should be left to chance.

But do not panic, some tips exist to help students. And yes, you no longer need to worry about managing a budget, finding accommodation or even choosing your training.

Moreover, some of them show a lot of imagination to achieve their goals. For example, to learn a language, some rely on series in VO . And yes, according to studies, this method would be effective for a large number of people. Not bad !

The student can, for example, make a list of what he likes, not being alone, getting to know himself really or not hesitating to see the bigger picture. In short, no need to doubt his training.

Even though these tricks save the lives of a large number of students, learning the lessons is still a problem. So, here are the top 5 tips for successfully retaining what you learn . MCE TV tells you more!

Student: Top 5 tips to remember what you learn!

What are some tips for retaining lessons?

Students have a large number of lessons to memorize . Even if depending on the sector the quantity may vary, the exercise remains very hard.

But don’t panic, Eliott Meunier has developed a method to manage his knowledge . His book “Stop Forgetting What You Read” saved the lives of many students. So here’s how to retain what you learn!

Choose your sources

Today, information is everywhere and available to everyone. It therefore seems essential to select the information that one wishes to study. This therefore avoids wasting time. Not bad !

Organize your schedule

The 17-year-old student made a very simple observation : “Many people are discouraged by the idea of ​​reading because they feel like it takes six months to finish a book. It’s often because we only read a few pages before sleeping, when we’re tired. »

The latter then advises to arrange his schedule to maximize his productivity. You have to find the time to do things and fit them into your schedule.

To take notes

There are different ways to grade your courses. But taking notes seems to be the most effective solution. And yes, Eliott Meunier explains:  “Taking notes on the content you read takes time, but not taking notes is wasting your time. »

Sort your notes

Once the notes are taken, students must then sort and organize them . The goal here is therefore to centralize all the notes so that you can get your hands on them more quickly. By the way, the stabilizer technique can also help .

Actively review

Finally, Eliott Meunier advises to revise actively. And yes, it does n’t seem enough to just re-read his notes . Moreover, sites and apps allow you to revise in a fun way. Very cool !

One thing is certain, the students have not finished soliciting their creativity to find the best tricks. To be continued.

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