How to increase memory power and concentration?

Students often find it very difficult to memorize. But how to boost your memory? Here are the top 10 tips.

As the number of courses increases throughout the year, students can sometimes find it difficult to retain all the concepts. So, here are 10 tips to boost your memory . MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Stress mounts for students

It’s no secret that students have to deal with many sources of stress . Between examination, orientation, money or even private life, the pressure seems to be at its maximum. In short, the situation is really not easy to manage. Eh yes !

Moreover, lately, it is the turn of Parcoursup to plunge them into a monster stress. In fact, there is no escaping it . And for good reason, once the baccalaureate is in hand, many students want to continue their studies. It must be said that it is very important to train throughout one’s life .

The first step is to find training. In reality, specialists recommend that high school students not rely on final grades. What to reassure more than one therefore.

But once the training has been chosen, comes the time to formulate your wishes on Parcoursup. Moreover, the various sessions have just ended on the platform . It therefore remains to be patient. Not easy !

While waiting to learn more, students must continue to learn their courses. Maths, French or even specialty subjects, nothing should be left to chance. But how do you learn everything? Here are 10 tips to boost your memory as much as possible . MCE TV tells you more!

How to boost your memory as a student?

Learning your lessons well is no easy task for students. But don’t panic, there are tips for retaining your notions correctly . But how to boost your memory? Here are 10 tips!

Change method

The students do not all have the same method to revise. But what you should never forget is to read the text several times . Whether it is repeating it orally or writing it down!

Play sports

Nothing is more effective than playing sports to boost your memory. Indeed, there is a close link between memorization and physical activity . And for good reason, the hormones produced play an important role in attention.

Learn useful things

The brain is confronted with a large amount of information every day. Thus, it is not advisable to learn everything. We must target the most important!

Play games

To stimulate his memory, games work very well. This is the case, for example, of scrabble, belote or even chess.

Sleep without counting

To be able to be productive in your revisions, you must not forget to sleep properly. And yes, if you don’t sleep enough , you can’t memorize your lessons . It’s like the base for students!

Eat specific foods

Some foods are very good for memory. Indeed, these are the ingredients rich in omega 3 . This is the case, for example, with fatty fish or eggs.

Limit alcohol

Above all, alcohol should not be abused. Indeed, alcoholic beverages can cause serious damage to neurons .

Use guides

Each student must find mnemonic markers. FYI, these are little tips to better memorize the notions . This is the case, for example, of the famous: “But where is Ornicar? »

To design

In 2018, researchers proved that people who draw have a better memory. And yes, drawing provides different forms of memory .

To drink coffee

Finally, coffee helps to boost the memory of students as much as possible . One thing is certain, students will no longer have any difficulty memorizing their lessons!

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