We share with you the newly added and changed special moves and the methods of dribbling in THIS football game series.

There are movements that make sports games beautiful and more aesthetic. The same is true for the football game. You can also perform some special moves while experiencing eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021. These include dribbling and some aesthetic moves that players can do with the ball, which go beyond the standard operation of the game. In our guide, we will talk about some of these moves that can be done in the eFootball PES 2021 game. If you want to make a difference in the aforementioned production and enrich your gameplay with more aesthetic movements, we recommend you to take a look at our article.

How to dribble and make special moves in PES 2022

How to steal with eFootball PES 2021?

As it is known, one of the special moves that the players make by using their own initiative in football is dribbling. In the eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 game in question, you can only steal by using the arrow keys. In addition, special throwing moves can be made using various key combinations. You need timing and the skills of your players to steal with the keys you use constantly during competitions.

However, even a simple directing move with the right players at the right times can be valuable as a dribble. Our players must not be fast in order to move the ball more actively and agilely. In other words, when we press the acceleration button during the competitions in eFootball PES 2021, the agility of our players will decrease. It will be more comfortable to dribble with the right moves without ignoring this element, which is similar to the physical balance in real life.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you just have to be slow to dribble. When the acceleration button is pressed at the right times, in positions where you are side by side with a player, in cases where the opponent’s move is in vain, you can speed up and pass the opponent players. Along with all this, there are also special moves made with some key combinations to steal. You can do the general playing by using the right and left analog sticks together.

At the same time, your player’s playing ability is also an important consideration for the successful outcome of the move. As the simplest playing, you can play the transition by pushing the right analog stick up or down while advancing with the left analog stick. Since eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 is a season update, the general dribbling moves are the same as in eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. If you wish, you can learn different combinations to play by taking a look at the guide we wrote the previous year .

How to make special moves?

As we mentioned, the eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 game is a season update and has similar structures to the eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 game in general. However, there were some special moves that were added or changed last year to the aforementioned series. Since these movements can be done with certain key combinations, it will not be natural to do them during gameplay. In this part of our guide, we would like to share with you some of the special moves that will be useful and useful when playing matches in eFootball PES 2021.

We can say that one of these moves is to fake a shot. As we are familiar with in the games of this football series for a long time, when we pressed the pass button immediately after pressing the shot button , the player stopped shooting. As you can use this combination, a different form of this move has been added to the game since last year. After pressing the shot button, if you press the triangle button instead of the X button, your player will throw the ball in front of a missed teammate as an intermediate pass. Let’s just say that this move can only be made in the offensive zones.

What are some moves that have changed with new gameplay dynamics?

There are also some movements made while controlling the ball in the game in question. Among these, there are animations made while throwing the pass. For example, if you hold down the R2 key when the pass comes to your player, instead of taking the ball directly in front of your player, he takes the ball on the running track by passing it between the legs. If you press the R1 key while taking a pass, you return directly to the goal. If you want the passer to not touch the ball and jump over the ball, you have to press the L1 and R2 keys at the same time when the pass comes to the player.

When you do this, the player from whom the pass comes from does not touch the ball and control quickly passes to the player behind you. In eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021, it is also possible for us to hide the ball with some body movements. You can move your player slowly with only the R2 key without pressing any keys. When you do this, when you direct your player, it will make animations to avoid catching the ball with body movements. On the other hand, you need to press the R1 key twice for the goalkeeper to put the ball on the ground.

If you want to deliberately knock a player down, you have to press the X key about 2 times after the opponent is dribbling the ball. It’s not a very gentlemanly move, but you may need this move in some situations where your opponent may face your goalkeeper. We have written for you the movements that come to our minds, which have changed with eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, and which are also included in this year’s game. If there are special cases that you are wondering about, you can ask us questions by writing in the comments section.

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