Measure is part of sanctions imposed by Ubisoft on Russia over the invasion of Ukraine

Teams participating in the Rainbow Six Siege Brasileirão ( BR6 2022) will not be able to use cosmetic items from the and Team Empire teams , both from Russia. The notice was passed by Ubisoft to organizations, according to The Clutch. The measure is part of sanctions imposed by the developer on Russia because of the invasion of Ukraine.

BR6 2022 bans teams from using Russian team skins
Items from Empire and cannot be used in BR6 — Photo: Reproduction

Items from and Team Empire were even removed from the in-game store in March. Hours before the decision to suspend the sale of the cosmetics, Empire published a tweet encouraging its fans to buy the items as, according to the publication, it would be “the last day to get these skins”. Cosmetics are part of R6 Share, an incentive program for organizations in tier 1 leagues, where each one of them receives part of the amount collected by the items.

In addition, Ubisoft also suspended, indefinitely, the holding of the Russian league, as well as vetoed the participation of organizations in the country from participating in its competitions. Players, however, can play in the tournaments, as long as they play under neutral banners – as in the case of and Empire.

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