Perfect and visualized armor is a hallmark of From Software games , so Elden Ring is no exception. Here, users will find hundreds of different sets of armor, and one of them is “Dragon Knight Armor”, which our today’s guide will tell you about .

The more massive armor you use, the slower your character. Therefore, in order to increase the weight you carry, you can use the leveling of such skills as “Weapon Talisman” or “Fortitude”. But if you prefer to play as a mage, you should not pay attention to such heavy armor and, accordingly, upgrade unnecessary abilities, because in them you will still be vulnerable and clumsy.

However, the “Dragon Knight Armor” is so light that even mages can do it. At the same time, the armor has excellent durability. However, pure warriors are advised to wear heavier armor, such as Ugly Dragon Armor.

Where can I find dragon knight armor in Elden Ring?

Where to find Dragon Knight Armor in Elden Ring

First of all, the player needs to get into the “Crushed Farum Azula” and go through the boss – “Two of the Divine Skin”.

Then continue on to the “Dragon Temple Rooftop”.

Where to find Dragon Knight Armor in Elden Ring

Then go down below and destroy two annoying birds.

Where to find Dragon Knight Armor in Elden Ring

Climb down the stairs, and then turn left and jump onto a wall fragment floating in the air. Here you will see an elevator, but you don’t need it, so go around it and continue on your way. Behind you will see a chest, which will contain the “Dragon Knight Armor”

Where to find Dragon Knight Armor in Elden Ring

Where can I find ugly dragon armor?

Despite the name, Ugly Dragon Armor is a stylish piece of armor with great defensive features. But due to its weight, such equipment will suit only mixed classes with pumped “Fortitude” or pure warriors.

You can get such armor during the passage of the game plot. Reach the location “Great Bridge Surroundings”, and then go up the stairs. Before entering the arena with the Holy Beast, you will see a single opponent. And since it’s not a boss, you won’t be able to call Mimic for help. But defeating him will earn you Ugly Dragon Armor.

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