The Giants’ Mountain reserves one of the last mandatory bosses in the game. Despite being imposing and with high HP, the boss is not as difficult as it looks. See tips on how to defeat the Fire Giant

fire giant weakness elden ring, Tips, Strategies and How to Defeat

The Fire Giant is one of the last must-have bosses in Elden Ring . The boss guards the Forge of the Giants, which, once lit, starts the game’s point of no return. So, explore the other areas of the game well before facing the beast.

Despite being intimidating due to its size and almost hit-killing blows, the Fire Giant isn’t as tough as it looks. If you are at least level 100 and use the right strategy, you will defeat the boss without much trouble.

Preparations for the Fire Giant

  • Do Alexander’s quests to be able to summon him in battle. The mark to summon the Warrior Jug will be after the second entrance (by the northernmost stream of the map).
  • Summoning Alexander will prevent you from using Torrent in the fight, so choose wisely.
  • Avoid summoning spirits that fight melee as they will die quickly. Choose summons that strike from a distance, or that are extremely strong ( Imitating Tear and Tiche, for example).
  • Consumables and talismans that increase fire resistance are useful.
  • Avoid fighting on the steed during the first phase of the fight. It’s easier to dodge the giant’s blows while on foot (if you fight under him, which is recommended even for mages).
  • The boss is resistant to fire and holy damage. It is also freeze resistant.
  • The giant has little vulnerability to slashing damage.
  • If you are in mage build , carry a melee weapon even if it is focused on magic damage. The first phase is much easier to deal melee damage.
  • Focus on strong armor to avoid hit kill. Choose the best one that leaves you with a medium load.

Phase 1 of the fight against the Fire Giant

  • The Fire Giant almost always starts the fight with a snow shield attack. Get off the horse (if mounted) and roll forward.
  • The strategy at this stage is very simple: damage to the left foot . Get under the boss and attack without mercy.
  • Always stick to your left foot to avoid shield attacks. When he lifts his foot, roll to avoid the stomp and then re-approach.
  • Once the splint breaks, the boss will enter “phase 1.5” and gain two fire attacks.
  • If the giant is palm up , he will conjure a slow fireball that explodes as he approaches. Head towards the magic to force it to explode and dodge it when it’s close. Dodge in sequence to avoid AoE fire damage.
  • Don’t let the fireball follow you all the time, as it will slow you down and can kill you if it does damage while the giant hits you again.
  • If the giant is palm down , he will quickly shoot a jet of fire towards you. Dodge to the side.
  • You can call on the steed to dodge the fire blows and re-approach the boss. But dismount as soon as you get close to his left foot again.

Phase 2 of the fight against the Fire Giant

  • When the giant’s health is around 50%, a cutscene will trigger. Now the boss has ripped off a leg and will be rolling around the arena.
  • The fireball attack has been updated and is now two . Use the same scheme to force them to burst.
  • Avoid getting under it, as the mouth located on its belly releases fire and burns the entire area around it.
  • The giant will also release an incendiary meteor shower when it puts its mouth up . Simply keep your distance until the attack ends.
  • If you’re playing mage , stay away and try to focus spells on the open eye in the chest . Upon full hit, the Fire Giant will fall. Don’t get close to crit and keep casting spells from afar.
  • If you’re playing melee, focus on your right foot this time. But keep attacking the sole to avoid getting caught when the boss rolls.
  • You can do this part on horseback, but it’s up to each player. Get out of the way when the giant starts doing the fire attack in the area.
  • The weak point is the left hand, but it is very dangerous to face the Fire Giant. Prefer to stay behind your right foot.
  • If you take a chance on the hand, the boss should be exposed to some critical hits. However, the time frame is short and he can recover sooner.
  • War Ash : Hound Pass is a good alternative if you’re having trouble dodging.

Fire Giant Rewards

  • 180 thousand runes;
  • Remembrance of the Fire Giant (Giant’s Red Braid or Burn, Oh, Flame!);
  • “Fire Giant” trophy;
  • Access to the Forge of the Giants and the Ruins of Farum Azula.

A souvenir option is the Giant’s Red Braid . The weapon deals physical and fire damage, as well as causing crushing-type injury. The whip needs 18 Strength (D scale), 12 Dexterity (D), and 21 Faith (D) to use.

Giant’s Red Braid Whip is a Boss Souvenir Option

The other option is Burn, O, Flame! . The enchantment erects pillars of fire around the caster. Requires 27 Faith to use if that is your choice of Fire Giant’s Remembrance.

If you don’t want the weapon, there’s the Burn, Oh, Flame!

If you don’t want either option, you can use the souvenir from your inventory to earn 30,000 runes. If you want both, look for a mausoleum on top of the giant creatures with a bell. Hit the white dots so that the bug falls and frees the entrance. Duplicate the souvenir inside the mausoleum and then exchange the items with the Enia Finger Reader at the Roundtable.

Point of no return (spoilers)

If you want to explore the game, don’t go to the Giants’ Forge just yet, as the scenery will change severely after arriving in Farum Azula. Return to complete any NPC quests and kill bosses left behind.

Do the Ranni , Fia, Dung Eater and Gold Mask/Corhyn quests to gain access to the ability to choose all of the game’s endings . Or go find the Three Fingers to get the Frenzied Flame and save Melina (and do Millicent’s quests if you regret it).

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