The Valorant multiplayer hit could soon be released on PS5 and Xbox Series

Riot Games is preparing to bring one of its most popular titles to home consoles.

It is therefore not surprising that the publisher Riot Games is interested in availability on other platforms.

Recent job offers published by the publisher show it: Riot Games is currently working on “console” ports of Valorant.

The title offers first-person clashes of small teams on modestly sized maps. Valorant draws its originality from the powers of its characters but also from its very tactical gameplay, which is inspired by Counter Strike.

Still, if the publisher is interested in game consoles, it has not yet carried many projects on said media. A spin-off of the League of Legends series was born on consoles, however the original title was never ported. Valorant would therefore represent Riot’s first “big game” ported to consoles.

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