Elden Ring: This boss becomes a real pain again with new patch

A minor patch deployed this morning on  Elden Ring continues the debugging work, but also rebalances a particularly tricky boss.

General Radahn, one of the most emblematic and also the trickiest bosses to tackle in FromSoftware’s game, is back in action in this new version.

Rebalance Balancing

Update 1.03 brought a lot of changes to  Elden Ring . Among them, a balance from the bottom of the power of Radahn, which will have allowed many Without-splinters to overcome it.

However, patch 1.03.3 deployed this morning revisits some of the changes made to this boss. In this case, some of the General’s attacks, which had been ”  nerfed ” last month, regain a power deemed fairer by the FromSoftware developers.

Among other things, patch 1.03.3 also comes to prevent player saves from being corrupted by malicious players online. 

The patch is already available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Do not hesitate to consult our guides on  Elden Ring if you do not know where to go to continue your adventure!

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