Drogba has a very unexpected attacking partner.

Sometimes it seems like a strong Chelsea didn’t exist before Abramovich’s purchase. This is not entirely true. Despite the failures in the early 90s, until the beginning of the Abramovich era, the London club stayed in the top six for 7 seasons. Big stars played for him: Vialli, Desailly, Zola and others.

Nevertheless, Roman Abramovich brought completely different money and opportunities to Chelsea. The team began to buy the best players in the world and was hardly inferior to the Real Madrid of the Galacticos era. Following the quality buffs, the team’s results went up.

Under Abramovich, Chelsea won 5 Premier League titles and reached the Champions League final three times, where they triumphed twice. The stellar English generation of the 2000s became associated with the London club: Terry, Lampard and Ashley Cole spent the best years of their careers at Stamford.

2022 is the end of an era. Who, according to EA Sports, was the best in the Chelsea squad during this long successful period?

Composition rules. We have selected players who have appeared in the basic version of footsim since 2006. Idols and other special cards from FUT do not count. For players of the old parts that were released before the release of the Ultimate Team mode, visualization has been done.

Petr Cech is Chelsea’s top keeper in recent history. But he was almost overtaken by Courtois

The best Chelsea squad in FIFA. Great midfield, failed striker, in goal

Chelsea had a lot of good goalkeepers. Edouard Mendy did not manage to get a high rating due to the late start of a top career, but Thibaut Courtois almost got into the squad. The Belgian spent 4 full seasons for Chelsea and reached the 89th rating – the same as that of Petr Cech. But their contribution to the history of the Blues is incomparable.

Petr Cech joined Chelsea in 2004. An amazing coincidence: as in the case of the current goalkeeper of the club Mendy, the transfer took place from the French “Rennes”. Already by that time, the Czech goalkeeper was considered one of the best in the generation. He made his debut for the Czech national team and was famous for his reliable play.

After moving to Chelsea, the magic did not dissipate, and Cech began to break records. In the 2004/05 season, the young Czech goalkeeper conceded 13 goals in 35 league games – an absolutely outstanding 0.37 goals per game. Chelsea became the champion, and Cech broke the record of Peter Schmeichel and received the nickname Mr. Zero.

In 2014, the Czech keeper lost his place at the base, and a year later he was sheltered by Arsenal.

Petr Cech is one of the best goalkeepers of his time. It is surprising that FIFA was modest with his ratings, giving preference to Buffon. However, later EA Sports admitted their mistake and did not allow this with another similar keeper – Jan Oblak.

There are two captains in Chelsea’s defense – Terry and Azpilicueta. The role of the second center defense went to John’s partner in the golden seasons

The best Chelsea squad in FIFA. Great midfield, failed striker, in goal

Ashley Cole was Chelsea’s best left back by a wide margin. The Arsenal graduate managed to hook on the legendary 2003/04 season at the base, but after that he felt like a star and left for more favorable conditions at Chelsea.

Usually such stories do not end well, but Cole has become a key player in the “retirees”. There were no more such strong players on the left in the club’s defense.

Chelsea’s strongest defender in recent decades has been Englishman John Terry. FIFA confirms: the long-term team captain reached the 91st rating. John made 492 appearances for Chelsea and won 5 Premier League titles.

Terry had many worthy defensive partners. Probably the first to come to mind is Branislav Ivanovic. The Serbian defender played in Russia, and spent the best years of his career at Chelsea (where he later played on the right more often). However, FIFA did not appreciate the defender. The Serb’s rating has never exceeded 83.

The choice of the second central defender stood between Ricardo Carvalho and David Luiz. The Portuguese’s career has turned out better: he won the Premier League three times and did not lose top status in less successful seasons. When Carvalho stopped starting, he moved to Real Madrid – the best defender of 2004 was really appreciated.

On the right flank of our symbolic team was the universal defender Cesar Azpilicueta. At first, few believed in the Spaniard, and his transfer from Marseille seemed premature.

However, over the years, Azpilicueta not only reached a new level, but also became the team captain. Cesar still plays at Chelsea, although due to age he has become less of a sharp player.

Chelsea have two squads of tough midfielders. Hazard and Kante made the symbolic team, Ballack and Fabregas – no

Best Chelsea team in FIFA. Great midfield, unsuccessful striker, in goal

Eden Hazard is not only Chelsea’s strongest left winger, but also the team’s highest rated midfielder in FIFA. With the exception of the disastrous 2015/16 season, the Belgian spent 6 amazing years at the club and reached the level of the best players in the world.

Hazard’s move to Real Madrid destroyed the magic around the player, but his significance to Chelsea in the 2010s cannot be overestimated.

West Ham graduate Frank Lampard was considered a talent. At the beginning of the 2000s, he moved to Chelsea – even under the late Ken Bates (former owner), the team was moving up and buying strong players. Someone was waiting for failure, but Frank managed to become the leader of the Londoners and spend 13 seasons at the club.

Lampard has always been focused on the attack: he is the club’s top scorer in the history of the club, loved long-range shots and scored at least 10 goals in the Premier League season. This strong quality is reflected on his FIFA idol card.

N’Golo Kante made his name at Leicester and was immediately bought out by Chelsea. Londoners did not regret this decision. Together with Chelsea, the Frenchman won the 2016/17 Premier League and reached the level of the best defensive midfielder in the world. He cemented his status with a victory in last year’s Champions League. According to EA, it is Kante who is the main star of the current Blues roster.

There was a serious struggle for the place of the last player in midfield. Ballack, Fabregas, Mata, Malouda and Joe Cole have reached the 87th Chelsea rating – a serious company from which one can make another squad. But they were beaten by Michael Essien – a player from the second half of the 2000s worked for all stars.

Unlike Kante, the Ghanaian was a more versatile player. He wasn’t as tenacious in tackles, but he could play in any position in midfield and defence. Essien was very gifted physically. With an average height, he was not afraid of tough martial arts, and on occasion he could hit the goal.

Drogba’s attacking partner is Shevchenko. Diego Costa was under-rated

Many top forwards failed at Chelsea: Shevchenko, Torres, and now Werner and Lukaku are showing an uncertain game. Among the worst, we note Andrei – the owner of the Golden Ball in 2004 as part of Milan. Roman Abramovich appreciated the striker, and a couple of years later he ended up at Chelsea.

Shevchenko failed to play in England. The 30-year-old striker adapted for a long time in the team, and on the field he looked heavy and unproductive.

Diego Coste, who has earned a spot at the start for three solid seasons, has been lacking in rankings.

There was no doubt that Didier Drogba would be in the squad. The Ivorian striker showed up late at a high level, but with the game for Chelsea, millions of fans fell in love with him.

Drogba was not famous for his great performance. Only in the 2006/07 and 2009/10 seasons did the Ivorian overcome the mark of 20 goals in the Premier League. However, he was distinguished by leadership qualities, intransigence on the field and the ability to score important goals. Didier led the team behind him and became a real leader of Chelsea.

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