Epic Games announced this Tuesday (29) the Zero Build mode for Fortnite , which does not allow buildings in matches. The modality, which was a request from several players in the Battle Royale gaming community for a long time, was already in effect on a temporary basis, and has now been made official as permanent by the developer.

New game mode catches the attention of the Battle Royale gaming community

Fortnite: no buildings mode is officially announced

Fortnite was one of the great games to popularize the battle royale genre. The biggest difference the game had from other exponents of the style, such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Free Fire, was the frenetic dynamics of building structures that protected players on the large map.

This Fortnite mechanic divided opinion in the Battle Royale gaming community. While loyal players took advantage of the differential to dominate the matches, other players asked for a mode without buildings, which resembled other games of the genre and which focused more on aiming and shooting skills.

After years of keeping the game’s identity unchanged, Epic Games has finally decided to include the mode that a part of the community has always asked for. In Zero Construction mode, no construction can be carried out within the game. According to the developer, the mode “tests your skill with weapons, items and your mobility”.

The Build Zero mode was already in effect temporarily within the game, and has now been made permanent by the developer. Even with the arrival of the new modality, the traditional game modes with buildings will remain unchanged for the game’s fan base. Construction Zero can be played individually, in duos, trios, and in squads.

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