Foundation, a character played by actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, can be unlocked by completing specific tasks in the battle royale.

New to the Chapter 3: Season 1 Battle Pass, The Rock Skin has officially arrived in Fortnite . The Foundation character outfit is only available to Battle Pass holders and can be obtained by completing themed tasks. The missions will be valid until March 19, the date that marks the end of the current season. To access them, just click on the “Tasks” tab and check the missions that are divided into two pages

Fortnite: how to get The Rock's skin in the game

In addition to skins, Foundation also has Back Accessories, Pickaxe, Emoticon, Spray, Wrap and other exclusive cosmetic items.

See below the Tasks and each of the unlockable items:

Page 1

– Visit the Magnificent Monument, an outpost of the Seven and the Sanctuary. Secure the perimeter. (Unlocks “The Foundation” Outfit) .

– Hit an opponent with a sniper rifle after crouching. Use the element of surprise. ( “Unlocks the Back Attachment “Foundation Cloak”) .

– Deal 100 melee damage to opponents. Keep your enemies close. (Unlocks (Pickaxe “Plasmatic Thorn of the Foundation”) .

– Search 3 Chests or Ammo Boxes in the Underground Cave. Loot the OI Armory (Unlocks the “Fate of the Foundation” Emoticon).

– Use 4 Shield Potions in a single match. Getting ready is everything. (Unlocks the “Truth Foundation” Spray).

– Hire a character and run 1,000 meters together. Don’t be too proud to recruit someone. (Unlocks “Fundamental Wrap”).

Page 2

– Help eliminate Armando Metralha. Warmly welcome the new OI agent (Unlocks “Toggle Tactical Visor Emote and Foundation Outfit Unmasked style”).

– Deal 500 headshot damage to players with common and uncommon weapons. Use everything you have. (Unlocks the “Foundation Elite Combatant Visor”).

– Deal 1000 damage from above with Shotguns or SMGs to opponents. Be in a superior position. (Unlocks the “Foundation Tactical Visor”).

– Land at an Outpost of the Seven and be in the top 10. Gather supplies at an Outpost and prepare. (Unlocks the “Rocket Wing Hang Glider”).

Fortnite is available for free for Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Nintendo Switch and Android mobile devices.

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