Players have three refund tokens, upon return the item will be removed from the account and the player will get the V-Bucks back

Fortnite , like other games, offers the option to return items and costumes. Despite being a simple process, the mechanics have a limit, with each account entitled to three (3) refund tokens. When using a token to return purchased items, they will be removed from the account and the player will receive the V-Bucks back.

To assist players, ge has prepared a tutorial explaining the steps to return an item or outfit.

Fortnite: How to claim V-Bucks refund and return skins

1) In Fortnite, open the Main Menu.

2) Click the Settings gear icon

3) Click the silhouette icon to open the Account & Privacy settings page.

3) Click Submit a Request. This will open the list of all items you have purchased in-game in the last 30 days .

4) Find the item you would like to return and select it from the list.

5) Next, select the reason why you want to return the item.

6) This will take you to a summary screen where you can submit your request.

Submit a return request in Fortnite — Photo: Playback/Fortnite

7) Click Submit Return Request.

8) A final confirmation screen will alert you that you only have three lifetime return requests.

9) If you are sure you want to proceed, click Yes.

Confirm the return in Fortnite — Photo: Playback/Fortnite

10) You will then see the Return Request Approved screen which will let you know how many V-Bucks have been credited to your account. Note: This action cannot be undone by clicking Yes .

Return request completed in Fortnite — Photo: Playback/Fortnite

Items that can be returned

It is important to make it clear that not all items can be returned. Per Epic Games’ refund policy, only the list below is allowed in Fortnite:

  • costumes
  • Back accessory
  • Collection Tools
  • hang gliders
  • Smoke Trails
  • Loading Screens
  • gestures

Below are the items that cannot be returned:

  • V-Bucks
  • Battle Pass
  • Battle Pass Categories
  • Starter Pack
  • Loot Llamas (Save the World)
  • Weekly and Event Items (Save the World)
  • gifts
  • Fortnite Club Subscriptions
  • Ascension Task Packs

Return forms are renewed every 365 days. So if the user used a token, one year later he will receive it again.

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