Riot Games is either developing the Valorant game for consoles, or a new game is being made in a similar style.

Riot Games, which has appeared before the players with video games such as Valorant and League of Legends, used to only work on the PC side, but recently mobile platforms have also entered the business. In fact, it was previously announced that a version of the League of Legends game could come to consoles. Now, the company has published a new job posting, revealing that it has another project for consoles. According to this job posting, Riot Games is looking for a senior game designer for a game project developed for consoles. It is stated that this designer will work on a video game at the AAA level.


Looking at the words used in the job posting, it can be understood that Riot Games has actually developed another game from scratch, just for consoles. However, a new update for Valorant added some important phrases to the game’s files. These sentences also read, “Connection to Xbox Live has been lost.” and, “Connection to PlayStation Network has been lost.” was in the form. When the job posting and these updated files appeared at the same time, we predicted that the company was trying to port this game for consoles. In addition, it is stated in the job posting that this game has a competitive and online structure, which fits the definition of Valorant game.

Riot Games stated that it has almost completely developed the mobile version of the League of Legends game. It was also stated that the same version would be ported to consoles. Now, a similar project may be underway for Valorant. So, the company may be developing this game almost from the ground up, with consoles in mind, and because of this, the job posting may look like a new game is being developed from scratch. If this is the case, there may be a possibility that this game will come to mobile platforms, as in the League of Legends game. So, what do you think about these events? Waiting for your comments.

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