A new one is added among the numerous studios working on Call of Duty.

Working with Activision since 2005, Beenox has been working on the Call of Duty series since 2015 . This studio, which generally supports the development of the games in this series, has now announced that it has opened a new studio within the borders of Canada in order to increase its workforce. This studio will continue to focus on the Call of Duty series. The company plans to increase its workforce by around 20% with the new studio, and it should be noted that it already has an army of more than 400 employees. However, it seems that this new studio will also take part in other projects other than the aforementioned game brand.

Beenox opens a new studio to help develop the Call of Duty series

As we said before, Beenox served as a support studio in the old games of this series and is currently actively developing new and seasonal content for Call of Duty: Warzone. In addition, it is known that the studio is working on a mobile game of the same brand. We guess that all these active projects require more workforce and the studio wants to work on their own games in the future, so a new workspace is being established. Activision also seems to want to take advantage of the talented people in Montreal, Canada. They were not considered very active in this region.

Beenox said: “We rely on the city’s great diversity of talent to build a team that will allow us to broaden our creative perspective and bring even more diversity to our development. This investment in Montreal is the next important step in the growth of our studio as we continue to support the creative passions in the Call of Duty franchise. We want our location to attract local and international talent and contribute to the vibrant video game industry within Montreal.” says.

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