What are the applications and methods of making money by playing games? We’ve brought together the best known apps and ways for you.

Ways to Earn Money by Playing Games

Making money playing games is the dream of most gamers. After all, while playing video games, our connection with the outside world is completely cut off and we surrender to the sweeping effect of entertainment.

Well, what if it was possible to earn money while playing these games? It may not sound very convincing, but you can earn money by playing some games. Whether you want to have some fun or make money, we strongly recommend that you take a look at the methods on our list.

What are the Methods of Making Money by Playing Games?

  • Play mobile games with MITPLAY.
  • Play mobile games with Big Time Cash.
  • Use Swagbucks.
  • Stream on live streaming platforms.
  • Prepare guide videos about games.
  • Sell ​​accounts by making them valuable.
  • Participate in game tournaments.

We offer you 3 services to earn money by playing games. The first two of these are Android apps. The third is the Swagbucks service, which offers multiple ways to make money. You can learn the pros and cons of these services in detail below.

You can also find detailed information about the methods of making money from games other than these services, below.

Ways to Earn Money by Playing Games

1. What is MITPLAY, What Does It Do?

MISTPLAY is one of the most used money making apps worldwide. With this application for Android users, all you have to do to earn money is to play games. You choose a reward for playing the game.

Options to receive rewards include Amazon, Visa, Google Play Store and much more. The more games you play with this application, the more money you earn.

Another prominent feature of the application is that it helps you chat with your friends and meet new people. In other words, thanks to this application, you both earn money by playing games and socialize.

2. What is Big Time Cash, What Does It Do?

Big Time Cash is an Android app that lets you earn money by playing video games. However, this application can only be used in countries where PayPal serves. The reason for this is that Big Time payments are made via PayPal for now.

As PayPal is currently closed in Turkey, it is not possible to receive the rewards. You can start using Big Time if PayPal returns to Turkey or Big Time uses an alternative payment method.

3. What Is Swagbucks, What Does It Give?

Swagbucks gives you points as you play video games. You can then convert these points into cash or gifts. For example, if you want to do your shopping on Amazon for free, you can choose Swagbucks’ gift.

Swagbucks is not limited to just offering the option to make money with the game. In addition, it allows you to earn money by participating in surveys, testing products and services, and watching videos.

The people behind this service claim to have paid users millions of dollars so far.

4. Monetization Through Live Streaming Platforms

Another way you can earn money by playing games is live broadcasting platforms. Twitch is one of these platforms, but before you turn to them, you should know well: You cannot start making money as soon as you create a channel.

It can take quite a while for you to start making money from live streaming platforms. If you broadcast regularly and follow the right steps, you can win the heart of an important audience after a few months, but if you act impatiently and do not take good steps, you will be in your place.

5. Making Guide Videos About Games

Players sometimes come across such a task in a video game that is progressing perfectly, that they can’t figure out how to do the task despite turning the map upside down. Guide videos, on the other hand, serve as an excellent savior for them. If you are confident, you can be the person who created these videos.

6. Selling Game Accounts

In League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and many more competitive games, what matters is how valuable the account is. If you enjoy playing competitive games, you can turn it into a source of income.

Apart from selling accounts, you can develop other people’s accounts for money in games such as League of Legends.

7. Participate in Gaming Tournaments

Years ago, making money with the game could not even be brought together, but at this point, one of the methods that made the most money was the game. If you think you are talented enough to join an esports organization, you can start making money too.

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