Map guide – Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus maps in Among Us

Welcome to the complete Guide to Among Us Maps, featuring a map of Skeld, the headquarters of Mira and Polus. 

Includes vents, visual challenges, layout, tasks, and tips and strategies.

Card types in Among Us

Overview of card types

※ Click or tap the area name to go to the map below.

mapDescriptionVentilation holes
The large spaceship is neatly divided into an east and west wing with two large central hubs.fourteen
High building. The map is slightly smaller, resulting in a higher density of players in the lower right corner.eleven
Large station on a cold planet. Here the detour can take some time, so it is very important to choose the right time.12

There are currently 3 maps available in Among Us. The fundamentals of gameplay don’t change between them, but the strategies you use will need to change depending on the terrain/objectives available/location of vents and cameras. 

Be sure to research each map type before playing!

List of important map factors

  • vent location
  • Location of visual tasks
  • Wire attachment points
  • Surveillance camera zones

The above factors are something you should keep in mind when playing this map. Thus, we have chosen to include these aspects in our annotated maps below.

How to change the map

You can change the map in the settings tab. To access the settings, you need to become the owner of the game. See the guide below for more details.

Pull card with tab

If you’re playing on PC, don’t forget that you can open the map at any time by pressing the corresponding hotkey on your keyboard: in this case it’s Tab. 

Clicking on the map manually is inconvenient and inefficient – start using the keyboard right now!

Among Us Skeld Map Guide

Skeld full annotated map

card tricksAdministrator, Security
Visual tasks– Send Scan
– Clear Asteroids
– Prime Shields
– Empty Trash
– Empty Chute

The map above lists some of the more important things you need to keep in mind:

Of course, there are plenty of other tasks you need to remember, so be sure to review them.

Administrator – How to use

Among Us

Using the admin console in the admin room, you can find out the location of all players. 

The admin feature only shows the player in each room and does not show the player in the corridors.

 Note that the dead body is still displayed as a player icon.

CCTV camera – how to use

Security cameras can be observed in the security room. When the security monitor is in use, the red lights on each camera will flash.

Mira HQ Map Guide in Among Us

MIRA HQ – Full Annotated Map

Among Us
card tricksAdmin, Door Log
Visual tasks– Send scan
– Clear asteroids

Mira HQ does not have security cameras, so you have nothing to worry about. However, vent connections are much more common. 

There are also only three visible tasks here, so be sure to write them down.

Administrator – How to use

As with the Skeld map, there is an admin console in the admin room. Use this feature to find out the location of all players.

Doorlog – How to use

Doorlog is a unique trick that can only be found on the Mira HQ map. It is located in the communication room. 

There are 3 sensors located at the three-way intersection north of Cafteria, and as soon as any player crosses the line of sensors, the sensor detects the leaves of the door log.

Pole Map Guide in Among Us

Pole – Full annotated map

Among Us
card tricksVitals, Admin, Security
Visual tasks– Send scan
– Clear asteroids

The Pole is a fairly large map that can be difficult for teammates to navigate. 

The location of the camera is especially important here, so be sure to indicate where they are, especially if you’re playing as the Imposter.

Vitals – how to use

Vitals is in the room next to the Office. Using this feature, you can determine which players are still alive. If you want to know if there is a dead body, use this trick.

Administrator – How to use

Among Us

Administrator – How to use

Like the other two maps, you can also use Admin on the Polus map. 

However, there are many rooms where the admin feature does not show the player’s location (eg boiler room, sample room), so be careful when using it.

Security – how to use

Unlike the security system on the Skeld map, the security monitor is not a split screen and you need to press an arrow to swipe across the monitors to see a different area.

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