The variety of weapons in Elden Ring is mind boggling. In addition to standard swords, axes, axes and pikes, the game has extremely unusual weapons that stand out for their appearance or special characteristics. We have selected 8 options for those who are bored with endless katanas.

For everyone who is tired of katanas.

The most unusual weapons in Elden Ring: a severed finger, a dragon’s head and a saw from Bloodborne

grafted dragon

In the boss fight with Godric in Stormveil Castle, you can see the dragon head fist in action. He can spew flames and fly into the air to flood everything in front of him with fire. You can get the same dragon head for yourself if, after the battle with Godric, go to the maid of the Fingers of Enya in the fortress of the Round Table and give her the memory of Storuk.

The Most Unusual Weapon in the Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Pata with cryptography

She can be found in the Round Table Keep by jumping off the balcony, defeating the phantom of Alberic the Violent and going to explore the rooms on the left. There is a body from which you can take a stalemate with a secret script. To use it, you need 30 faith. In combat, she deals holy damage and ignores shields in a way that looks just as good as Rey’s lightsaber from Star Wars.

The Most Unusual Weapon in the Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Wheel of Giza

On the second floor of Vulcan Manor, the Extinguished One has an unexpected encounter with the hostile phantom Inquisitor Giza. After defeating her, you can take her weapon – the wheel of Giza, very reminiscent of the saw from Bloodborne . But, unlike Bloodborne, it is unlikely that you will be able to use the wheel regularly. His special ability spins the spinner, inflicting bleeding on enemies, however, the hero cannot use rolls and run. Therefore, the wheel will only be useful against slow opponents.

The Most Unusual Weapon in the Elden Ring

Bastard Stars

To find this weapon, you need to complete Rennie’s quest almost to the end. After the battle with Astel, a memory will appear in the inventory from which you can extract this flail. When using a special attack, he creates a cloud of stars around the Extinguished One, which explodes and damages nearby enemies. Nothing special, but looks very nice!

The Most Unusual Weapon in the Elden Ring

finger with ring

A heavy hammer in the form of a severed finger with rings can be found in the grave of the hero Gelmir in the west of Vulkanov’s estate. To solve the puzzle in this dungeon, you will have to run through the lava and ride a mechanical chariot, but the unusual weapons in the collection are worth it. The severed finger that the Extinguished One holds by the bone has the ability to expand and knock back opponents as if with a snap.

The Most Unusual Weapon in the Elden Ring

Heads of the family

There are actually two bosses in the sage’s cave: the necromancer Harris and the Black Knife Killer. The necromancer has an extremely creepy flail, created from several human heads – his wife and two children. This weapon’s special skill summons spirits that haunt enemies. There are so many scary things and rivals in Elden Ring, and this flail causes additional discomfort due to its appearance and backstory.

Shooting Star Beast Jaw

On the way to the Gelmir volcano and the estate, you will definitely encounter a horned mini-boss that uses magic in battle. After the victory, the Extinguished One will take possession of the huge fang of this beast, adapted for battles. During combat, Fang can use star magic, calling down a thunderstorm on all enemies.

Festive skull

For the strongest and most enduring in the game, there is a giant hammer in the form of a skull on a stick. The skull does not look like a human, it is much larger. Perhaps some giant fell victim to the creation of this hammer. But it is good not only because of its appearance – each hit brings 20 runes. It can be found in the village of Dominuli on the Altus Plateau, if you go not towards the dancing monsters, but along the left side downhill.

Worthy of a mention: Another unusual whip that pours magma under the owner can be obtained from Patchwork quests .

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