Resident Evil: how to benefit from PS5 and Xbox Series upgrades?

At the beginning of March, Capcom announced on the sly via a simple tweet that several installments of the Resident Evil saga were going to be optimized for the new generation consoles. And the Japanese publisher recently clarified this.

This year, the remake of Resident Evil 2 , but also that of Resident Evil 3 , will receive an upgrade on PS5 and Xbox Series X |S. This will also be the case for the excellent Resident Evil VII . If no release date has yet been mentioned by Capcom, the Japanese firm has still taken the time to detail the terms that will allow you to obtain these upgrades for free.


Raccoon City is waiting for us (again)

Remember that the PS4 and Xbox One backups of these three games can be transferred to the next-gen versions. This will also be the case for DLCs purchased separately or included in Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition . Additionally, players who own the physical edition of Resident Evil 2 , 3 and/or 7 will be able to download their upgrade(s) at no additional cost. Be careful, because the disc must be placed in the console to be able to play.

Of course, the digital editions will also be eligible for these free upgrades. Finally, if no physical version is planned for the moment, these three Resident Evil can be purchased separately in dematerialized form on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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