We have news from games such as A Plague Tale: Requiem, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, Lost Ark, Call of Duty and Skate.

Our series of articles continues with news from games such as A Plague Tale: Requiem, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, Lost Ark, Call of Duty and Skate, and developments that escaped our radar . In this series, we briefly and concisely present to you the news that happened in the past week and that we could not place independently on our website. You can see all of these news just below.

Games Developments that escaped our radar (21 March 2022 – 27 March 2022)

Developments that escaped our radar

Next-gen update for Dying Light has also arrived for Xbox Series X/S

The next generation update for Dying Light was released for PlayStation 5 a few weeks ago. It was also announced that the same update would later be available for download for Xbox Series X/S. Now, the aforementioned update has also been released for Xbox platforms, and Dying Light has started to give a higher performance and resolution on Xbox Series X / S consoles. Options given to players include 1080p/60 FPS, 2K/60 FPS and 4K/30 FPS.

Google introduced Immersive Stream for Games technology

It was previously announced that the Google Stadia system could be sold to other companies for more professional purposes. Now, the name of the version of the aforementioned system to be sold has been announced as Immersive Stream for Games. Thanks to this system, game developers and distributors will be able to create game demos for Google Stadia that start instantly with a single click, without requiring any account. The first company to use the technology will be Paradox Interactive and Team17.

Jane Foster could be the next hero for Marvel’s Avengers

According to the emerging rumors, She-Hulk would come to Marvel’s Avengers game at the end of 2021, but this hero was also delayed because another related project was delayed. Now, the developer team wants to focus on content called echo characters to fill the new hero gap, and the new hero we will encounter here may be Jane Foster, who has very similar abilities to Thor. This hero can be added to the game in 2022.

The first game of Humanoid Studios has appeared

Humanoid Studios, a studio focused on interactive entertainment and story, is developing a AAA-level sci-fi game, according to official information. It is stated that this game focuses on the story and characters. The studio is headed by Casey Hudson, who was previously famous for Mass Effect, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see a sci-fi game. You can see the concept designs of the game here , here and here .

Release date period given for EA SPORTS PGA TOUR

We learned through a new press release published by EA that the new EA SPORTS PGA TOUR game that the company is developing will be released in the spring of 2023. This new golf game, which will include licensed tournaments such as Masters Tournament, PGA Championship, US Open Championship and The Open Championship, will also offer players the opportunity to build their own careers.

Games Developments that escaped our radar (21 March 2022 – 27 March 2022)
Developments that missed our radar: Apex Legends

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed has been officially announced

The studio, which previously developed the game Predator: Hunting Grounds, has announced that their next game is Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed . This game will be played in multiplayer, 4v1. That is, one person will become a ghost, and four people will try to catch that ghost. In the game, there will not be any iconic names as playable characters, but the playgrounds will be memorable places. Names like Winston Zeddemore will also be NPCs.

Biggest leak in history for Apex Legends

One of the developers of the Apex Legends game has leaked the next 5 years of content of the game. While new heroes such as Conduct, Scryer, Caliber, Jester, Phantom, Vantage, Uplink, Newcastle and Catalyst have been leaked with all their details, important additional features that will come to the game and more have emerged. All these leaks are tracked under a single Reddit thread . We recommend that you visit that topic to see everything in detail.

Marvel’s Avengers next update delayed

Under normal circumstances for Marvel’s Avengers, a new update would be released on March 24, 2022. This update was also advertised until a few days ago, but now the developer team has delayed this update for Marvel’s Avengers. No new date has been given for the release of the update. There’s probably a delay of a few weeks ahead of us, and the team says they want to make sure of the quality of the update.

A Plague Tale: Requiem game release date leaked

The release date of A Plague Tale: Requiem has been leaked on the Microsoft Store. According to the data in this official store, the video game in question will be released on June 17, 2022. The achievements for this game were also leaked a few days ago. For this reason, we can think that an announcement about A Plague Tale: Requiem will be made at this time. Still, it would be best to wait for an official statement for the release date.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has been officially delayed

It was previously said that the Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League game was quietly delayed. Now, the expected statement was made on the official Twitter account of the game, and it was stated that the Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League game was postponed to the spring of 2023. It is not clear why the delay was made, but we can guess that the developer team needs more time.

Games Developments that escaped our radar (21 March 2022 – 27 March 2022)
Developments that escaped our radar: Fortnite

No-construction mod for Fortnite may arrive permanently

The construction feature of the Fortnite game would remain closed for the first 9 days of the new season. Obviously, Epic Games wanted to see how the game would work without the construction feature. Now, according to some rumors, Epic Games is preparing to add this mode to the game permanently as an alternative content. In fact, related changes have been made to the texts on the loading screens and similar points. However, it is not known when this mode will be permanent.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human’s first story pack detailed

With a new statement from the developer team of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, we learned that the game’s first story-based expansion pack will pull new branches and knots from the middle of the story instead of expanding the end of the story told in the main game. The team hasn’t said anything specific, but it’s likely that later expansions and/or expansions will further the story of this game; not the first. No other information has been given yet.

Focus Entertainment and Different Tales collaborate

It has been officially announced that Focus Entertainment and Different Tales will develop a new game together. For now, what this game will be has not been officially announced, but Different Tales has previously developed a nice visual novel like Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest. They are currently developing a new game, but we don’t know if this game has anything to do with Focus Entertainment or if there is another game in the middle.

Tango Gameworks also wants to make different and smaller games

Tango Gameworks, the studio behind The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo games, doesn’t want to be tied to the horror genre and wants to develop small games in different genres, according to a new official statement. In fact, it is stated that Ghostwire: Tokyo is the first work within these plans. It seems that in the future, instead of a third game for The Evil Within, we will see different video games of different genres.

Lost Ark game is likely to come to consoles

According to a new statement made by Amazon and Smilegate, the Lost Ark game has a chance to be developed for consoles, but this requires intense demand from the players. Although there was worldwide interest for this game, it took a few years for the game to come out of South Korea and be released for the whole world. Therefore, even if the console version is highly desired, it may take much longer before we see Lost Ark on these platforms.

Games Developments that escaped our radar (21 March 2022 – 27 March 2022)
Developments that escaped our radar: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Krafton now also plans to develop NFT-based games

Krafton, the studio behind PUBG: Battlegrounds and TERA games, has now announced that it has started developing NFT-based games and services. The studio collaborated with Solana Labs for this. According to some other published reports, the value of the Krafton company is constantly decreasing, and the company plans to develop “Play to Earn” type games for this reason. Already, the NFT-based project comes into play at this point.

Classic games from the Call of Duty series can be improved

According to a new rumor, Activision plans to improve the classic Call of Duty games and fill the gaps in order to fill the gap years, as Activision will not regularly release a new AAA-level Call of Duty game every year in the future. Among the planned games is a special Nintendo Switch version of the first two games in the series, Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

Total War: Warhammer is free on the Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store continues to give away a different video game for free every week. Now, it has been announced that Total War: Warhammer will be added to the libraries for free between March 31, 2022 and April 7, 2022. Another game called City of Brass will also be free in the same time period. Until then, another video game called Demon’s Tilt will continue to be distributed for free.

Netflix acquires Boss Fight Entertainment

Netflix continues to acquire new companies for video games, and now Boss Fight Entertainment, the third company acquired in the last 6 months, has come under the umbrella of Netflix. Founded in 2013, this company is known for its free game called Dungeon Boss and now they will work directly for Netflix. This company, which has three different studios, will also be able to continue developing video games independently.

New video released for Death Stranding: Director’s Cut coming to PC

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut has already been released for PlayStation 5, and now the PC version of the same game is getting ready to make its official debut. Death Stranding: Director’s Cut will be released for PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store on March 30, 2022, and Kojima Productions has also released a new debut video to herald this release. You can also watch this video on YouTube, sir.

Developments that missed our radar: Skate 3

Steam Next Fest: June 2022 Edition officially announced

Valve has announced a new event period for Steam. This event will be Steam Next Fest: June 2022 Edition and will start on June 13, 2022. During this event, which will run until June 20, 2022, as with other Steam Next Fest events, players will be able to try never-before-released demo versions of hundreds of new games, read interviews with the developers, and more.

The new game of the skate series may be shown very soon

According to new statements made by Tom Henderson and Jeff Grubb, the development process of the new Skate game, which was announced in 2020, is progressing very well, and the internal testing process of this game has already started a few months ago. Now, the game has received a major update in the background, and Jeff Grubb is starting to think this may mean a closed beta for the game. It seems that this game may be released in 2022 or 2023.

Apple may be preparing to re-enter the game console market

According to a new rumor from Taiwan, Apple is preparing to re-enter the game console market. According to rumors, the company is considering more than 1 way to do this, including turning its Apple TV service into a game console. The company also actively engages with parties like Ubisoft and Capcom and gets recommendations for first-party games from them.

Resident Evil Village may be coming to Xbox Game Pass

Resident Evil Village on the Microsoft Store has been flagged for Xbox Game Pass for a very short time. Later, this sign was removed and no explanation was made about the subject. Maybe a minor bug was made on Microsoft Store and it was fixed immediately; perhaps the marking was done early on as Resident Evil Village will come to the Xbox Game Pass system. For now, there is no official statement on the subject.

Sons of the Forest game delayed

It has been officially announced that Sons of the Forest, developed as a sequel to The Forest, has been delayed. The release date for this game was announced as May 2022, but the developer team now stated that this is not a realistic date in a new statement. The new release date of the Sons of the Forest game was announced as October 2022. So, we can easily say that there was a big delay.

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