The release of a new hero in Dota is always stressful. Usually the hero is either too strong or of no value. FUN TECHNICALS recalls five heroes whose skills were too strong for Dota, and who then had to be urgently and severely nerfed.

The wyvern was crazy.


His ult is still incredibly strong – so strong that he completely ousted Dazzle from the meta. And before that it was completely dishonest skill. At the exit, its cooldown was a ridiculous 20 seconds, and False Promise itself endowed the owner with invisibility, which did not disappear when attacking or using an ability. As you might have guessed, in public the hero under False Promise was impossible to kill. 


In addition, Fate’s Eddict increased non-magical damage taken by 50%, making it the perfect debuff on an enemy carry in teammate PVP. By the way, it could only be dispelled with Fortune’s End or BKB. 

But Oracle could not only save: Fortune’s End at the last level dealt 300 damage, which made the “eqee” combo deadly for many heroes. 

In patch 6.84, they tried to weaken Oracle, but it only got worse. The invisibility was removed from the ult and the cooldown was increased to an acceptable 80/60/40 seconds, but instead, the ult now constantly removed all debuffs and disables (!) for 6/7/8 seconds. Can you imagine what Huskar could do at low health with 8 seconds of invulnerability without the ability to somehow stop him?

The hero was brought to an acceptable form only in 6.86, when the infinite dispel was removed, the duration of Fate’s Eddict was reduced by one and a half seconds, and the damage of Fortune’s End was reduced to 180. 

2 Monkey King

The first hero from Valve was a nightmare in any position. Just look how Wukong was:

• Ult instead of armor gave a ton of damage – 50/70/90.

• Boundless Strike at all levels gave 200% critical damage.

• Jingu Mastery lasted indefinitely – you could stack 4 hits on the melee offlaner and shift to any lane.

• Due to a bug, Jingu Mastery’s lifesteal was calculated before taking into account armor and final damage to the opponent. 

• In Tree Dance, even at night, MK gave 800 vision (then nerfed to 400).

• Enemies did not hear the landing sound of Primal Spring and could not react. 

• Wukong Command soldiers applied all debuffs, including Echo Saber and Skull Basher. It was almost impossible to leave the arena on foot.

As a result, Monkey King was tearing up both in the fourth position and in the role of a carry. Support IG Boboka was especially memorable with his incredible highlights on the monkey. 

3. Winter Wyvern

As in the case with Oracle, here the ult was the most dishonest. She combined all the most powerful ults of that time:

• All enemies were fully vulnerable to enemy damage, so Winter’s Curse was essentially Reverse Polarity, only with a screen cast range.

• Cooldown Winter’s Curse – 90 seconds. Half the size of Black Hole, only it can’t be knocked down!


• The ult lasted 100% of the time on a single target – they could just hit any hero on the push. 

• Cold Embrace’s stun could be dispelled, but the heal remained a buff.

• In 6.83s, Winter’s Curse forced teammates to hit even those who are invulnerable to magic.

• Arctic Burn worked through magic immunity and dealt pure damage.

Like Oracle, Winter Wyvern only got its nerfs in 6.86. And even with all these nerfs, the hero was actively taken on the pro scene, especially by Fly and Sonneiko (at that time he was the captain of NAVI).

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