PUBG draws its roadmap for this 2022

The arrival of more contenders for the battle royale genre hasn’t stopped PUBG, the game that popularized the genre, from remaining among the most popular among gamers, especially since its transition to a free-to-play format. although without ranked games. In fact, PUBG Corporation has released the content and update roadmap of the game in this year 2022 and several changes and novelties are coming including maps, weapons and improvements for some platforms.

Despite all these developments, the company assured that there are others that it is still working on and cannot talk about at this time. This is what should happen to PUBG throughout this year, although they have assured that the dates could change due to possible unforeseen events during development.

PUBG draws its roadmap for this 2022

Everything Coming Soon to PUBG

Thus we see how they have divided the novelties into three sections: World, In-game and Out-of-game, highlighting some as the return of the original form of the Sanhok map, which they assure is not only their oldest map, but still there are many players who enjoy it. Of course, because of that longevity, it looks a little old, so they’re going to be adding new features and visual improvements. As we know, this map has already undergone changes in recent months, but they say that many players have requested that it be returned to its original form, a wish which they set out to fulfill.

They also discussed weapons, with a new 7.62mm assault rifle being developed. Regarding this type of weapon, they claim that they have a higher DPS but a less good control, and that this new model comes in particular to compensate for this, with which it will have a lower rate of damage per second, but it will be more easy to control, being halfway between Beryl and AKM.

And to finish talking about news, we have to talk about Kiki, the new card on the way. It is a more futuristic city, although it is affected by natural elements such as storms, floods and others, which have contributed to erosion and deterioration. . “It’s a battleground like we’ve never built before and we can’t wait to see it lived in again,” they said of PUBG Corporation.

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