PlayStation Plus Neo seems to be available to everyone on April 7, 2022 at 4 different subscription prices.

It has been said many times that Sony Interactive Entertainment is working on a new subscription system for PlayStation. In fact, this system was codenamed Project Spartacus and was, in part, poised to become a competitor for Xbox Game Pass. Now, Bloomberg has published a new report and stated that the new subscription system called Project Spartacus will be officially announced next week and will be available on April 7, 2022. According to this report, the new subscription system will basically combine PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now systems and add a few different advantages on it. Also this system will have more than 1 level; Players from different price entries will be able to choose the level they want.

New subscription system for PlayStation to be announced next week

In the image leaked independently by Bloomberg and which you can see right above, the name of the subscription system mentioned is PlayStation Plus Neo. This subscription system; It is divided into different levels as Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. These levels, of course, represent the trophies used in the console’s ecosystem. Bronze level asks for 10 USD for 3 months and in return they give free game demos and play games online . Silver level asks for 30 USD for 3 months and offers the opportunity to play games by broadcasting over the internet on top of the advantages offered with Bronze. We guess that’s where PlayStation Now comes into play.

The next subscription level, called Gold, asks for $40 for 3 months and, on top of the previous benefits, gives players new free games every month and offers special discounts on the PlayStation Store. So, the advantages that come with PlayStation Plus come into play at this point. The most expensive subscription level, called Platinum, asks for 60 USD for 3 months, where in addition to the previous advantages, unique offers on the PlayStation Store and online streaming of games selected from a specially selected three-generation catalog are given. However, although the report published by Bloomberg is reliable, this leaked image does not have much credibility.

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