Godrick the Hundred Hands is one of the demigods, the owners of the Great Rune. He is the first key boss you will encounter during your Elden RIng playthrough . The fight with Godrick takes place in Storm Veil Castle in the northeast of the Graveyard.

Don’t miss the sidequest!

The fight with Godrick is much more difficult than the fight with the gatekeeper of the castle of Storm Veil, Margit Dread Omen. Godrick uses wind magic, sweeping ax strikes, and somersaults with powerful strikes. Godrick ‘s normal swings can be parried, while jumping attacks can only be dodged. You need to roll forward and to the left – the blind zone will be just under Godrick . It is best to stick to the left leg of the boss while hitting him.

The main thing is not to miss the moment of the magic attack on the area: Godrick will raise his hands up, and you will have only a second to roll back. After that, a shock wave will pass around the boss. If you keep your distance for a long time, Godrick will launch tornadoes. You can dodge them, but it’s best to sprint to the side: the projectiles are brought up during the flight. Shields protect well from magical attacks, but still miss some of the damage.

The best strategy for a ranged character is to circle the arena clockwise while firing at Godfrey. You can stop briefly on the ledges on the sides: the boss will take time to get to you. Alas, the summoned phantoms will not be effective. The more enemies surround the boss, the more likely it is to attack in an area. A couple of such tricks are enough to completely destroy the spirits.

But the summoned phantom Nefeli Lux will help a lot. Nepheli can be found in the room on the way to the boss in Thunder Veil Castle, opposite the stairs with the giant. Taking the girl to fight Godrick is the beginning of her quest chain, which will continue in the following zones. In battle, Nefeli deals good damage to Godrick and distracts him.


Most of all, Godrick is vulnerable to bleeding. The bloody ashes of war, which can be found in Storm Veil Castle, and throwing Kukri will come in handy. A successful proc of the bleeding effect removes roughly 1000 of the boss’ health. Throwing knives and bone darts are great at removing armor. Armor with high resistance to fire will not interfere either. 

In the second phase, Godrick will attach a dragon’s head instead of an arm. At the beginning of the stage, the player is teleported to the beginning of the location, and the boss starts a dragon’s breath attack. There is no point in tumbling, you need to run counterclockwise and try to go behind Godrick ‘s back. In the second phase, he hits with an ax less often and tries to attack with fire. Fortunately, all fire volleys have a blind spot – under Godrick ‘s right arm. As in the first phase, it’s best to stay close to the boss, but don’t linger at his feet for too long – the boss can land a powerful grab with the dragon arm.


Have you already defeated Godrick the Hundred-Handed?

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