Unlike most post-apocalyptic zombie games, we are given a wide choice of weapons. In Dying Light 2 , the player is given the opportunity to engage in close combat using axes, machetes, bats, and everything else that catches your eye. The passage of Dying Light 2: Stay Human becomes monotonous if you destroy hordes of zombies only with your hands for a long time. It is for a variety of gameplay that the developers added a bow and crossbow to the game.

Many players do not know where the bow or crossbow is located, but equipment for bonuses from these weapons can be obtained at the very beginning of the game. To add ranged weapons to your arsenal, you need to find them. Read carefully our guide to getting a bow and crossbow in Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

Where to get bow and crossbow in Dying Light 2

How to get a bow in Dying Light 2: Stay Human

During the story missions in Old Villedora, complete the storyline and the bow will become available to use. Before that, you need to complete 10 story missions. Obtaining the bow is connected with the passage of the main quests, and more specifically after the completion of the mission “Flaring”. 

The first small arms are located in the Downtown subway and only after receiving it, the script will turn off, hiding the bows in all locations. To make it easier to look for small arms, you need to consider that they are located near the bandit camps and on the roofs of buildings. In addition to searching in the area, bows can be bought from merchants. With great luck, the game can randomly generate goods and then small arms can be found much earlier. If you don’t want to run only with melee weapons until the middle of the game, visit the merchant in the Bazaar more often and keep an eye on the update of his assortment.

How to get a crossbow in Dying Light 2: Stay Human

A beautiful and powerful crossbow, it helps to get real pleasure when exterminating zombies. Compared to a bow, it not only deals more damage to zombies, but also shoots bolts more often. Sufficiently convenient small arms, which, in addition, does not wear out, and therefore does not require repair.

Getting a crossbow in Dying Light 2: Stay Human is more difficult than getting a bow. To do this, you need to give 4 districts of the city to peacekeepers. It is quite simple to fulfill this condition – transfer the main city buildings and objects under the control of this grouping. You can choose and give away areas after capturing territory or activating a safe zone in large places such as a water tower or power plant.

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