To play well in Fortnite , it’s not enough to sit in matchmaking for hours – you must not forget about training on special maps. Such cards can be used both for a simple warm-up and for improving the skill in Fortnite.

Training for future champions.

Top 5 training maps in Fortnite

How to install and download a custom map (island)

Launch the Fortnite client and instead of the usual Battle Royale, create a server with creative mode. You have loaded your island, but for practice, turn around, go to the rift called “Recommended” and press the E key to enter the island code. 

Top 5 training maps in Fortnite

The best maps for training Fortnite


Top 5 training maps in Fortnite

With the help of this map, you can train not only construction, but also shooting accuracy in Fortnite. The creator has provided a variety of features, including a simple artificial intelligence that will shoot at you or launch moving targets. As a bonus, in some areas you can work not only on aim, but also train movement around the map.


This map is focused on aim training in Fortnite with an emphasis on shotguns. The author came up with a bunch of simulators, including a large ice-covered slope and a huge set of goals. It is a pleasure to practice shotgun shooting on this map.


On this map, you can train your aim with a bunch of zombies coming at you, small targets that require perfect accuracy, or moving platforms for a full-fledged aim training in Fortnite.


Top 5 training maps in Fortnite

This is a top map made on the prototype of the KovaaK simulator game sold on Steam . The main difference is that you can train in Fortnite for free, and there are a lot of opportunities for training here. You can work out any scenarios: both regular aim and flash shots or shooting at moving targets.


The perfect Fortnite aim training map available on all platforms: desktop, mobile, consoles and Switch. The island is made in a minimalistic style, but this does not negate its top quality – this workout is recommended by popular English-speaking Fortnite streamers Tfue, Symfuhny and Chap.

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