There are several playable classes in Elden Ring , including the “Prisoner” class. This class is extremely interesting due to its features, so we suggest you read our guide to be aware of all the skills of this unique character. 

How to Build a Prisoner in the Elden Ring

The “Prisoner” is attractive to many due to the possession of a helmet, as well as the combination of melee and magic skills in one character. This class has the highest intelligence and dexterity among all Elden Ring classes – 14 units for each skill. Only “Samurai” and “Warrior” have a slightly higher level of dexterity, while “Astrologer” has a higher IQ. However, the “Prisoner” lags behind the rest of the characters due to the low level of faith, which is only 6 units. 

Players who choose the “Prisoner” class for leveling will also receive more advanced armor during the game and will be able to change their appearance to that of the “Mage Knight”. Such a character knows how to conjure and is excellent with swords. By changing your appearance, you will get a character without heavy armor, but with enough versatile skills that will help you defeat any enemy. 

Best Prisoner build in Elden Ring

How to Build a Prisoner in the Elden Ring

In the game, it is almost impossible to find the optimal combination of all the skills and characteristics of the class, so players have the freedom to choose. Classes do not limit the participants in the choice of armor, weapons or skills, but they serve as a guide for them at the start. If you decide that you do not like the staffing of your character, you can always use the free points in the right direction, and upgrade some skill of your character. 

However, when choosing the “Prisoner” class, you will need to have some specific skills and weapons in your arsenal: a one-handed sword that will allow you to destroy enemies in groups, armor that helps increase your defense against attack, the best staff you can find, as well as a shield that ensures the preservation of 100% of your health.

Most of the points should be spent by you on pumping skills such as intelligence or dexterity, but increasing intelligence and vigor will not be superfluous, because. they increase your mana and health. Intelligence is the most important skill to pay attention to, as increasing it leads to an increase in your character’s knowledge of witchcraft spells. 

When creating a character, gamers can choose “Charm” for the “Prisoner” class to protect you at the beginning of the game. But the item “Golden Seeds” will expand the number of flasks in the player’s arsenal, which will facilitate the passage of more difficult enemies. 

The “Prisoner” is somewhat of a weak class, so close combat is not the main option for him to fight. However, such a class can carry significantly more flasks containing Azure Tears, so that you can use more spells. Ashes of the Fanged Imp is also a great choice.

Players often stay in a one-on-one battle, so the help of allies in battle will not be superfluous. It is the call of allies that will help you inflict crushing damage on the enemy, which will cause him to lose blood and will gradually take away the level of health. In addition, the imps are quite fast and difficult to destroy, so this is a great “summoner” in the early game.

The best equipment for the “Prisoner” in Elden Ring

How to Build a Prisoner in the Elden Ring

Despite the presence of an uncomfortable and strange helmet for the “Prisoner” class at the beginning of the game, the character itself is quite durable and is able to help you get through the first stages of the game. But the helmet is quite heavy, so taking it off will free up enough weight in your pack to equip something else.

For example, “Chain Armor”, obtained from the seller of Kale in the church of Elleha. A little later, you will have the opportunity to take possession of the “Kaiden Armor” in the vicinity of the Graveyard from the horsemen. Such armor is quite light, so it will help you dodge the “Fat Throw”, because in battle the “Prisoner” is weak and he has to dodge a lot so as not to die from attacks. Also, outfitting in any armor or equipment + pumping endurance will help to compensate for this disadvantage. 

The entire class of “Prisoners” starts their game path with the piercing sword “Estok”. It synergizes well with the Agility skill, but its range of movement is quite poor. It deals significant single-target damage, similar to the “Staff Affliction” given at the beginning of the game.

But in close combat, you will need an additional weapon that will be able to inflict damage on several opponents at once. And this weapon is the “Lord’s Straight Sword”, which opens at the very beginning of the game in the “Settlement Ruins” and drops out of the “Noble Warriors”. Additionally, the sword increases dexterity and strength, and a little further in the game, gamers will be able to take possession of the “Iron Blade” to increase intelligence.

As for the initial “Magic Staff” – this option is good, but in the world of Elden Ring there are better options. One of which is the “Staff of the Demi-Human Queen”. It will be available to you after defeating the Demi Human Queen in the Demi Human Forest Ruins.

Before the gate exiting the Ruins, head south across the bridge and continue on your way to the next bridge, which will also need to be crossed. Then turn west towards the Ruins and head towards the middle of the forest. If the enemies you meet on your way turn out to be unbearable for you, you can always avoid them by passing by. But when you meet the queen face to face, know that her weak point is magic. 

You may also need a better shield, as Prisoner’s main downside is melee damage. In addition, you will not have the most stable armor and not the highest level of health, so a shield is a must. But the initial shields can only take a few hits, otherwise you will have to shorten, so it is important to find a better defense.

Players can purchase this shield from the Heater in the Round Table Keep, which will provide you with full protection as long as your stamina is high enough. Players will be offered several options for shields to choose from, but you can only purchase one of them. “Old Twin Handmaids” sell them for 1500 runes.

All of the equipment listed is not the best, but it will still help you pass many tests in the game. If you want to have the best equipment, then you will need to have a sufficient number of runes, skills and, of course, time. In addition, some items are exclusive, so getting them is sometimes not so easy.

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