One of the classes in Elden Ring is the Confessor. A well-thought-out build will give gamers the upper hand in the early stages, but it loses relevance as you progress through the game.

Builds in Elden Ring are various combinations of Stats, Weapons, Armor, and other elements that are designed to help the player achieve their goals through combat and exploration while completing quests. Confessor is one of the most balanced starting classes that combines combat skills and magic. This is a cool option for those who are ready to experiment with both skills. But keep in mind that a serious balance is needed between them, for which some novice players are not ready.

For some gamers, building in Elden Ring may seem too difficult. We have prepared a special guide for the Confessor Class Paladin class.

Confessor build in Elden Ring

elden ring The Best confessor build

Representatives of the Confessor class in the game are able to help members of the group, at the same time damage enemies with lightning and stay alive after being hit. This class differs from other classes in the game by the starting set of equipment. In the beginning, you get a nice set: Assassin’s Approach, Blue Crest Heating Shield, Broadsword, Fingerprint.

We recommend going to the central part of the Ruins (Gatefront Ruins), where the Confessor can acquire a Brass Shield from enemy drops, which are abundant in the area, so getting such a shield is easy. In the future, a Round Table will be opened in Elden Ring, where they buy spells from sellers. The choice of spells depends entirely on what you expect from this build.

As for the attributes, it is worth focusing on Strength and Dexterity – they will allow you to handle all the weapons received. With further advancement, you can spend more time pumping the Energy skill, which will help you take hits. Another attribute, without which the passage will be unrealistic – Endurance.

Speaking of spells, we recommend considering the following: Lord’s Heal, Black Flame and Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Spear.

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