The Lost Ark on console? Its creators do not exclude it

Lost Ark began its commercial journey in Asian territory, but Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG have been working on a version for the rest of the markets. The title, which will continue to add new features over time, still does not include all of the content from the eastern version. One question many have had is whether this will eventually come out on consoles. In an interview with VG24/7, study leader Soomin Park did not discount the possibility.

In any case, he considers it a requirement that there is a strong demand from followers. “If fans really want Lost Ark on consoles, that’s something both parties [Smilegate RPG y Amazon Games] will look into. Currently, both companies are working on improving the Western version. In fact, they acknowledged that the March patch release was a bit rushed.

Why did it take so long to come out in the West?

Another question refers to the time it took to adapt the game outside of Asia, which has been running since 2019. “The demand was there, Smilegate spent years refining and polishing the core of the experience game, and we’ve worked together to fully adapt it to the new audience, with millions of players discovering the title for the first time. »

According to Park, the success of K-pop and Korean series such as The Squid Game, which enjoyed global success, helped facilitate entry for other products. “Video games are a natural evolution of this trend. On the other hand, he argues that the trend of content globalization in entertainment allows everyone to “experience cultures from around the world.”

Lost Ark is a free video game available exclusively on PC. The March patch added plenty of new features, though due to the issues Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games sang the mea culpa and gave it some thought.

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