Meanwhile, the PlayStation 5 version of the Dreams game appeared and an important feature in the PlayStation application was opened in our country.

Unlike their competitors, Sony Interactive Entertainment and PlayStation Studios can develop high-quality single-player games that give importance to the story. God of War, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Horizon and many more brands can be examples of these games. Only recently, these companies have started to give importance to online service type games. In this way, game development studios were purchased and it was stated in the financial reports that dozens of games of this type are being developed. In light of all these developments, will Sony Interactive Entertainment and PlayStation Studios stop developing single-player and story-focused games?

According to a new statement made by Hermen Hulst, the head of the PlayStation Studios front, the company will give importance to single-player and multiplayer games in the online service type. This is definitely true information, but meanwhile, single-player and story-focused games will definitely not be forgotten; As in the past, such games will continue to be developed in the future. The company does not transfer its development power from single-player games to multiplayer games. On the contrary, it creates separate powers and resources for both game types. In this way, both types of games can be developed in a healthy way without interrupting any source. At least the explanations show this.

PlayStation Studios will continue to develop single-player and story-driven games

Apart from all these, Sony Interactive Entertainment and PlayStation Studios have released a very creative game called Dreams in the past years. This game is still played on the PlayStation 4 version today, but a player abroad came across the PlayStation 5 version of the Dreams game while checking the trial versions of the first-party games. No official statement has been made about this yet, but it seems that the next generation version of the Dreams game may be released with a surprise announcement in the very near future. In this version, players will probably be able to use more resources.

Another event experienced abroad was the automatic transfer of images recorded on PlayStation 5 consoles to the mobile PlayStation application. This feature made its debut for North America only two months ago. Now, it has been announced that this feature has been activated for the whole world. After updating the aforementioned mobile application , you can activate the feature and automatically send the images on your console to your mobile device. The problem is that, unlike the service offered by the Xbox, automatically transferred images will only be kept in the PlayStation app for 14 days.

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