Forza Horizon 5 meets Drift Club Mexico and more.

Regular live broadcasts were made for the Forza series in March 2022, as it is every month . These are called Forza Monthly | March 2022 and Forza Horizon 5: Let’s ¡GO! – It was the Series 6 Update. First of all, you can watch the replay of Forza Monthly | A live broadcast named March 2022 was held. During this broadcast, Festival Playlist content from Series 47 for Forza Horizon 4 was shown. Then the same was done for Series 6, which will come for Forza Horizon 5. After all this, some community members and their content were fingered. Forza Monthly | After March 2022 ends, Forza Horizon 5: Let’s ¡GO! – The live broadcast called Series 6 Update has started.

Forza Horizon 5

We have learned that a new content called Drift Club Mexico will come to the Forza Horizon 5 game with the Series 6 period. Forza Monthly | According to the announcement made during March 2022, Drift Club, a Horizon Story returning from Forza Horizon 4, will be named Drift Club Mexico in the new game of the series and will offer players a “Drift”-based experience, as you can guess from the name. This story will consist of 6 different chapters and players will have the chance to experience 7 different cars in total . Ford Mustang Mach-E will also be added to the game with this update, and players will thus be introduced to a new “Drift” car. According to the gameplay footage, players will be able to switch between AWD and RWD on the road.

Forza Horizon 5: Let’s ¡GO! – During the Series 6 Update, the content of Drift Club Mexico, new outfits and horns to be added to the game, new cars, the update for the EventLab and Horizon Open, the update for the Festival Playlist, bug fixes and answers to questions from the players were included. During the live broadcast, the new objects that came first for EventLab drew attention; Players will especially like the neon-lit containers and asphalt platforms. A brand new level and reward system was shown for the Horizon Open, and the Custom Race feature was finally added to the game; In Horizon Open, it is possible to choose the type of race you want, with the class of car you want.

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