Polyphony Digital once again apologized for the problems in Gran Turismo 7 and talked about what they will do to improve the game.

Gran Turismo 7, despite being a very high quality game, was released with a bit of a problem for players. The game was down for 30 hours due to server problems, the economy was negatively changed to bring micro transactions to the fore, and more problems bothered players. Now Kazunori Yamauchi, the head of Polyphony Digital studio, apologized again for all these problems and on top of that, talked about what to do in the upcoming updates to improve the gaming experience. It looks like the studio has learned its lesson and really wants to improve the game.

Critical changes will be made to the economy of Gran Turismo 7 game

Kazunori Yamauchi announced that a 1 million credits free money package will be given to each player first, and then he stated that the updates that will come to the game from April 2022 will fix the economy. These updates will increase the reward credit of events within the World Circuits by 100%; The rewards awarded within the Track Experience will be increased; Prizes awarded in Multiplayer races will be increased ; 8 endurance races will be added to the game and they will offer very high rewards; The credit that players can keep in their wallets will also be increased from 20 million to 100 million. Finally, the number of legendary and used cars sold simultaneously will be increased.

The changes we just mentioned above will be presented with the updates that will come to the game in the beginning of April 2022. So, we’ll probably just have to wait a few weeks for these changes. Also, updates that bring new cars and track layouts to the game will launch in April 2022 . Of course, these updates will continue to make bug fixes and improvements. The dev team won’t stop here either and will make some other changes in the medium term. For example, the rewards of limited time events will be increased; more World Tracks events will be added to the game; 24-hour endurance races will be added; rewards will be given in online time races and car selling will be added.

An update to version 1.09 has also been released for Gran Turismo 7

Regardless of all these improvements and fixes we mentioned, a new update for Gran Turismo 7 has also been released today. This update is version 1.09 and it fixes a minor bug in Daytona International Speedway, fixes a minor issue when entering multiplayer races, fixes stats in Sport mode, and also fixes the problem that resets players’ progress. So, this new update of the game is not that big and usually focuses on bugs in online services. Players need to wait a little longer for the rewards to rise.

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