Usually in FromSoftware games, the game world is hostile to the player, and there are only a couple of locations where nothing threatens him. Bloodborne is a slight exception, there are two such places: Hunter’s Dream and Idon Chapel. And only in Elden RIng there are several zones in which the player is (almost) safe. We tell you where you can take a breath in the Inter-earth.

Fortress of the Round Table

The Round Table Fortress is the main hub location in the game. Melina will offer the protagonist to teleport here after defeating Margit or resting at any ground fire outside of the Graveyard. Of course, the game can be completed without ever visiting the hub, but only in it there are NPCs that improve weapons and summoned spirits. And only here, after activating the Great Rune, you can get a special weapon from the memories of the story boss.

Guide to the Great Runes in Elden Ring: what they give and how to activate them

In addition, almost all the characters that influence the “Lord of Elden” ending are found in the Round Table Fortress. Phia, Companion of the Dead, Brother Corrin and Scrap Eater. There are also NPCs associated with side quests and lore of the game: Dee, the hunter of the dead, Diallos, the sorcerer Roger, Nefeli Lux and Gideon Ofnir.

All Elden Ring Hub Locations: local dark brotherhood and  city of friendly pots

The Round Table Fortress is a very large area with many secrets. At the office of Gideon the All-Knowing stands the silent warrior Ensha. He does not react to the player’s actions in any way, but will attack when the player receives the right part of the medallion from the hands of Albino Albus. The finger reader on Raya Lukaria’s bridge says that it was Ensha who killed all the albinores in search of a piece of the medallion. Apparently, he attacks the main character in order to rob him.

Another hostile NPC is found on the first floor of the fortress. If you jump off the balcony where Roger is sitting, the Violent Alberic will invade the player’s world. He is quite a strong enemy because he uses magic and slashes quickly, his attacks cause frostbite and bleeding. The red phantom is vulnerable to poison, but you should not immediately rush at it. If you give Alberic a bow, you will receive the Respectful Bow gesture.

All Elden Ring Hub Locations: local dark brotherhood and  city of friendly pots

The rest of the secrets of the Round Table can be revealed with the help of sword-shaped stones – they open the walls of fog on the first floor. Behind the first is an excellent long-range crossbow, behind the second is an assassin’s prayer tome.

The Fortress of the Round Table is perhaps the coziest hub in the Fromes games. It is somewhat reminiscent of Hogwarts: there are fireplaces, stacks of books and secret passages. Here the main plot is revealed and the main associates meet in the unification of the Elden ring.

All Elden Ring Hub Locations: local dark brotherhood and  city of friendly pots

Volcano Manor

Vulcan Manor is the hub of the antagonists of the Round Table Fortress. The ideological opponents of Two Fingers, Grace and the Tree of Erd gathered here under the leadership of Lady Tanith. The estate is located in the north of the Mount Melnir zone, in the lowlands near the Shooting Star Beast boss. The entrance to the estate is guarded by a hooded giant, but it can be ignored.

The inhabitants of Vulkanov Manor are mostly negative characters. They hate the world order, worship the serpent-devourer of gods and do not consider it something shameful to kill others who have faded in their worlds. Lady Tanit gives quests to kill several characters in exchange for the opportunity to meet with the owner of the estate, the demigod Rickard. Although loyal to Ricard, Tanith only obeys absolute power. After killing the boss, she can be found in Ricard’s arena devouring the owner’s corpse. Apparently, this is how she tries to gain his power.

All Elden Ring Hub Locations: local dark brotherhood and  city of friendly pots

To get into the legendary dungeon of Vulcan Manor, leading to a boss fight, it is not necessary to complete quests with assassinations. It is enough to roll towards the illusory wall in the room where Tanith leaves letters with the names of the victims. The alternative is to fall into the Iron Maiden’s trap at Raya Lukaria’s academy. She will take the protagonist to the Vulcan Manor prison.

By the way, it is in the Volcano Manor that the most meme secret of Elden Ring is located – an illusory wall that disappears only after 50 hits.

Also among the inhabitants of the estate you can meet several old acquaintances: Diallos, Patchwork and Bernall. Patchwork moves here during the course of the storyline and continues to trade in the hall of the estate. Bernal asks for help in an assassination, and Diallos will head to Kuvshingrad after completing Tanit’s quests. 

Also in the estate you can meet the maid Riya with her quest in the legendary dungeon and the phantom of Inquisitor Giza. Guise will attack you on the second floor of the estate. Defeating him will give you the Wheel of Giza weapon, similar to the legendary spinning saw from Bloodborne.

After defeating the boss Rickard, all characters, including Patchwork, will leave the estate. 

Three sisters

Another safe zone in Elden Ring is the home of the snow witch Ranny. However, the location will become safe only after defeating the dragon of shiny stones Adula, and to get into it, you will have to go through Kariya’s mansion and defeat the boss Royal Knight Loretta.

The three sisters are named after the three towers, Rennie, Renna and Seluvis. The location is located in the northwest of Lake Liurnia. Rennie and her minions lurk in these misty hills, seeking to bring the snow witch to power over the Interearth. One of them is the wolf Blydd, his quest allows you to open the Age of Stars ending. The second is Seluvis, a magic teacher who sells some of the best spells in the game.

Seluvis also has his own quest, but completing it is the lot of truly heartless players. The magician will ask the protagonist to deliver a magic potion to Nefeli Lux in the Round Table Fortress. If you do as he tells, the girl will turn into a weak-willed doll, one of the many created by Seluvis. His workshop can be found between Renny’s tower and Renna’s in ruins. The passage will open if you make a somersault in place with an illusory floor between the columns. In the catacombs, you can find people whom the magician has already turned into puppets. 

Seluvis’ quest is perfect for breaking other chains: the first potion will either interrupt Nepheli’s quest or Scrap Eater. And further experiments of the magician can quarrel the player with Rennie and deprive her of the ending. But for the labors, the player will receive his own doll, summoned as the spirit of ashes! But seriously, it’s better to kill Seluvis immediately after visiting Siofra, and buy his cool spells in the Round Table fortress, passing the bell sphere to the twin merchants.

Rennie’s Tower won’t open until the final step of Rennie’s quest. It contains a portal to a place where the protagonist can propose to the snow witch and unlock the Star Age ending.


All previous locations belonged to factions fighting for control of the Elden ring, and Kuvshingrad is just a city of friendly pots, you just don’t want to leave it. Pots, despite their intimidating origins, are still great guys.

Local residents dig in the flowers and waddled between the houses. They do not attack first, so you can safely collect local loot and admire the peaceful view. The town is located on the right bank of the Liurnia, on the south side of the crevice, which is crossed by the bridge of the sacred tower of Raya Lucaria.

Patch 1.03.2 added a new NPC to the game, a resident of Kuvshingrad pot Bairn. The little pot is very sociable and gives quests to help with gardening and picking flowers. Bairn also plays a key role in Diallos’ quest to head to Kuvsingrad after killing Juno Hoslow on his quest or Rickard’s death.

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Which peaceful zone in Elden Ring do you like the most?

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