According to rumors, the new Battlefield game, which has just entered the pre-production process, will not repeat the steps taken with Battlefield 2042.

EA and DICE claimed to have developed Battlefield 2042 in the best way for fans of the series. In fact, when you look at the game from afar, you might start to think that this might be true. However, last year this game unfortunately made its debut quite unsuccessfully and managed to become one of the worst games of its own brand. Now, Tom Henderson , who is famous for the correct information he leaked , talked about what happened on the DICE front. According to him, the studio took great lessons from the last game in the series and in light of these, they started developing the new game.

According to the information given by Tom Henderson, the next game in the Battlefield series is currently in pre-production. So, plans are being made for the game and drafts are being made. Processing them later becomes the development process itself . According to the rumors, DICE and EA are actively considering the lessons they learned from their failure when planning the next game. Related to this, it is thought that the same mistakes will not be repeated in the new game of the series, and it is likely that all innovative steps will be withdrawn. Steps back can include game modes for 128 players and special characters.


If you remember, EA and DICE were preparing the Battlefield 2042 game as a foundation for the future of the series. In fact, it was announced that a universe would be established through this game and that different types of games would take place in this universe. One of them would be to turn the special characters in the game into mercenaries and present them as an Overwatch-style experience. Now, there is no clear information, but it is said that these plans may have changed. Probably, both the special characters in the current game of the series will be removed and a more role style will be offered, as well as the same system will be used in the new game, which is in the pre-production process.

According to a separate information given by Tom Henderson, the next game of the Battlefield series will take place in the near future, just like this work. Even though many people on the DICE side have started working on the new game in the series, this is the standard for the video game industry . So, contrary to the predictions of the players, the Battlefield 2042 game will be actively supported, which will include new maps, battle tickets, weapons, game modes and vehicles. Along with DICE, Ripple Effect continues its work on the Battlefield Portal mode for new content. Considering that the first season for this game will start in the summer, official news about new content will also be given in the spring.

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