Classic Dota and Turbo are two different games. In normal mode, fights are less frequent, the laning stage is more important and longer, and the towers fall very quickly. Therefore, the relevance of heroes in All Pick/ranking and Turbo is noticeably different. I’m a true Turbo fan – I’ve played more than 2000 matches in it. And I know that some heroes in Turbo should not be taken at all. Under no circumstances. 

Advised by an expert with 2000+ Turbo matches.


Worst Dota heroes in Turbo. never take them

The hero is simply not made for a quick game. A 145 second cooldown ultimate doesn’t make any sense in a game where fights happen every minute. And it would be nice if the ult really won the fight, like Enigma, but this is a different case. The classic Turbo scheme: there is a fight, one of the teams dies, is reborn – another fight. But Doom can’t do that, because he has an ult recharge! In addition, items are quickly farmed in Turbo, so Linka appears relatively quickly even in the fifth position. 

The rest of the abilities are also not very good. Devour takes a minute to recharge – an eternity for a non-ultimate in Turbo. The other two skills are countered by BKB, which takes a couple of minutes to farm. 

No wonder the hero only has a 43.8% win rate in Turbo. 

Treant Protector 

Worst Dota heroes in Turbo. never take them

It is difficult for a tree to find itself in Turbo. What are Trent’s main playstyles? 

  • Push one of the side lanes and hide in the trees. 
  • Defend one of the sidelines and your tower. 

The first option does not work, because there are always fights in Turbo. And the team that fights 4v5 has less chance of winning. That is, the tree has no option to sit on the same line and push it. 

He also cannot defend the tavern, because the buildings in Turbo push very quickly. If you lose a fight, buildings will almost always fall. 

Trent’s ultimate in Turbo is also weak, with characters quickly getting different BKBs and Manta Styles. 


Worst Dota heroes in Turbo. never take them

Worst hero for Turbo. Brood’s win rate is 41%. Why it happens? Very simple – look at the description of the hero on the website:

“Bruda is a carry hero whose main source of income is lane pushing and jungle.” 

A jungler and an AFK pusher cannot be useful in a mode where fights happen every minute. While Bruda takes the side T2 tower, the opponents win the 5v4 fight and break at least one side. The spider likes to pick up spree supports, but these same supports usually have at least one save artifact already at the 10th minute. 

In addition, Broodmother is a macro hero. And macro in Turbo does not solve as much as in classic Dota. 

Ember Spirit 

Worst Dota heroes in Turbo. never take them

Ember is synonymous with active play. It seems to fit the Turbo perfectly. But no. Ember is first and foremost a team player. If the hero is in a peak, then the whole team should play actively. But, as a rule, your team in Turbo will definitely have an AFK-farming core, and supports will also want to farm an item or two. As a result, playing on Ember, whether it be a midlaner or a carry, will come down to pushing creeps and returning to your Remnant. 

In addition, Ember in Turbo is inferior to the core brothers in everything. If Void Spirit and Storm Spirit can suddenly fly in, stun and one-shot a conditional support, then Ember cannot do that. Chains are countered by BKB, Force or Glimmer, and Ember has less instant damage. 

Too team player for Turbo. 


Worst Dota heroes in Turbo. never take them

Morph is the most skill-dependent hero in Dota. Already this factor does not speak in favor of the character: after all, people who do not want to bother more often play Turbo. Morphling’s paradox is that the hero is directly opposite to Ember, but also depends on the team. Morph wants to farm quietly in his troika, but this rarely happens, because in Turbo it’s every man for himself. If the conditional Medusa can farm and press the ult in case of retreat, Anti-Mage – press the third skill and leave on Blink, then Morph often dies from one control. 

In fights, Morph also has a hard time showing himself, because fights in Turbo are chaos, and Hexes and Skadi appear quickly in enemies. If you go into a save build through Linka or BKB, then in the middle of the game you simply won’t have enough damage. Whereas the conditional Phantom or Ursa will already tear both you and your supports. 


The second worst hero after Bruda in terms of win rate in Turbo – 42.6%. Betic collected the worst for Turbo: a tempo hero through magic damage and a long ultimate cooldown. Degraded version of Doom. If Doom can at least solo kill the hero through the BKB, then Batrider doesn’t do that either – he just keeps Lasso for a couple of seconds, and then dies safely. 

In Turbo, the lines are not so important. The enemy will farm the necessary artifacts in the forest in a couple of minutes. Batrider is good for mid, but after it is usually useless. 


To be honest, in 2,000 Turbo games, I only remember a couple of Chens. Chen is a tempo hero, his creeps are hard to fight against in the early stages of the game. The problem is that in Turbo the early stage of the game lasts 7-8 minutes. Then the cows have Battle Fury and other damage items, and the creeps die very quickly. And Chen himself becomes the fodder of almost any carry. 

Skills are also not very useful. The ult heals only 600 HP with the talent – an extra couple of pokes, no more. Divine Favor, like other passive buffs, is invisible in Turbo. Creeps are useless and Penitence is easily dispelled. 


Warlock is a unique hero. He is equally bad in classic Dota and Turbo. All his skills are just rubbish. Bonds and Shadow Word dissipate quickly and do not deal serious damage. The third ability is laughter in general. Not only is the slowdown insignificant, but the Warlock himself cannot move! Seriously, I see so often how the Warlock casts the third skill, then the Phantom / Anti-Mage / Void jumps on him and kills the hero in 2-3 hits. Worst skill in the game. 

But the ultimate is just a shock. 170 seconds at any level of pumping! What is this? The average Turbo game lasts about 20 minutes. The Warlock gains level 6 around the 4th minute. This means that in a successful scenario, he will throw the Golem only 6 times. We take into account that the Warlock is often killed before the ult, and Golems also become food for any opponent’s cows after the 12th minute. We get the most useless hero in Turbo. 


The author of Atomic Habits, James Clear, writes: “To increase your chances of winning, choose a game that you are predisposed to.” The above characters are not bad at all. It’s just that they are simply not suitable for this mode. 

Do you play Turbo? What heroes are missing here? Write in the comments!

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