Of all the weapons available in Elden Ring , one of the most coveted is the Uchigatana Katana from Dark Souls 3. This is a classic sword that focuses on character strength and agility, and is capable of inflicting massive damage on an opponent if equipped with the right attributes. However, since it’s a rarer weapon, Elden Ring hasn’t made it too easy for players to find it. In order to find the Uchigatana Katana, you will need to head north from the Limgrave starting region to Stormhill, and then go into a hidden dungeon and find the secret lever, which is not a very easy task even for experienced gamers. That is why we decided to create this guide and help players find the Uchigatana Katana.

Finding the Uchigatana katana in Elden Ring

Where to find a katana in Elden Ring

First of all, if you started your game path as a Samurai, then you already have the Uchigatana Katana in your arsenal. For this class, this is the starting melee weapon, along with the bow. It comes with the Battle Ashes, giving Samurai players a formidable weapon to start their Elden Ring game.

Alternatively, if you’re not a Samurai, you need to head to a dungeon called Catacombs of Death, which is directly west of the Saintsbridge bridge in Stormhill. This bridge is located just south of the Divine Tower Bridge.

Once inside the Catacombs, you will have to make your way through a series of labyrinths and take several turns. At some point along the way, you will come across a room with a statue, next to which there will be a lever. Pull it down and then back to where you came from. After climbing the first staircase, turn left and go through the narrow passage. This will lead you to another part of the dungeon, which at the very end will open a door to a small room for you. In this room, you will see a corpse hanging from a ledge. This corpse has an item that you can loot. This very equipment is the Katana Uchigatana.

Uchigatana requires 11 Strength and 15 Dexterity to use, and has a base Physical Attack of 115. In addition, it has a hidden effect that causes blood loss to accumulate, as well as the ability to cast War Ashes.

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