This guide will tell players where they can purchase spells and how they can expand the number of memory slots in the Elden Ring game. 

Elden Ring spells can be found inside the game world, and in order to learn them, players need to communicate with a mysterious girl in a mask, which is located in the Waypoint Ruins in the cellar.

If you are visiting this place for the first time, a mini-boss – Pumpkin Head – will be waiting for you here. And only after you defeat him, you can go directly to the girl herself. In the future, for the player to learn new spells, he will constantly return to this character to learn new spells. 

Elden Ring

How to get more spell slots?

Elden Ring

If you are from the category of users who are only interested in magic in Elden Ring, then your build is probably based on magic attacks. And this means that your further successful completion of the game will be impossible without expanding the number of memory cells. So the player will be able to use significantly more spells in each battle. 

At the very beginning of the game, all users are given only 2 slots for learning spells, so to expand the number of slots, you must use an artifact such as the Memory Stone. 

Such an item can be found in the open world of the game, as well as from various merchants. After acquiring it, you do not need to do anything with it, because the number of available slots will increase automatically. In total, for the game you have the opportunity to get 8 of these artifacts. 

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