In Dota, something constantly pisses us off, and we always grumble. We grumble about game mechanics, cyber cutlets, bugs, lags, new builds, old builds, stagnant meta, boosters, Techies, accbuers, Pooja with the first pick, Pooja for the last pick, Pooja in the bath…

In general, you can list forever. Our common discontent must be given free rein at least once a week. In the Galeev Against section, I grumble about various aspects of Dota – before that, we have already discussed the broken All Pick and weak outposts:

Today we’ll talk about invisibility – the mechanics of Dota, which is long overdue for change.

* * *

“Riki – imba.” Once upon a time, this phrase made sense, and it was even quoted in rap battles by those who do not understand Dota at all. It’s ironic that the value of this saying died somewhere around the same time as battle rap, and now watch all the battles that come out = hope for invisibility as a working mechanic = engage in necrophilia. 

Let’s remember why the phrase “invisibility = invulnerability” appeared at all.

1. Supports had less money, and detection tools were more expensive. Dusts and Sentry were bought only in a pack of two: for the powder you had to pay 180-190 gold, and for each Sentry Ward you had to pay 100 gold. Simple arithmetic: to catch the same Weaver, you need to take Dust + Sentry (Dust is removed by Weaver’s ult, and Weaver runs out of one Sentry too easily). Now it will cost the support 140 gold if he doesn’t have any translucents with him, before it was 360.

Supports had many times less money – there was less passive gold, they didn’t give gold for deward, and there weren’t even runes of wealth!

2. There were fewer slots, there was no backpack. Even if you accumulated gold for the light, you had to free up three slots – separately for Obs, separately for Sentry, and separately (!) – for Dust. Not to mention that earlier it was necessary to keep a teleport scroll in the inventory. 

And okay, supports – they didn’t have the money to score at least 3 slots (but it’s worth adding smoke, sticks and boots, and now 7 slots with 6 available). Now any Storm from mid takes Dusts with him against heroes with invisibility, but before it was simply impossible after the mid game: don’t give up an important slot!

3. There was no role-playing search. It is now that most of us have supports, and the jungle has become too unprofitable. Previously, situations like “two mids”, “two carries” and “a jungler instead of a five” were commonplace, so there was simply no one to buy wards (and even more so – dusts).

4. Yes, the average level of the players was lower. I deliberately put this point last, because I often see this argument being the only one given. In fact, it was not decisive – the conditions of the game were completely different. 

What changed?

In short: everything. In 2022, even in non-ranked matches, each team has a couple of dusts and sentries in their inventory, and 10 slots allow even carry players to punish Bounty Hunters for impudence. And with an increase in gold sources, spending 140 gold on a frag is not a pity. 


Once upon a time, Mirana’s ult was a serious weapon for ganking and even retreating from mass fights. Now no one seriously counts on it: will it work? Lucky! Won’t work? Well, not very hopeful. 

Do you remember how Bounty Hunter moved through the fight in invisibility? Now its gameplay has been reduced to an endless ambush in the bushes and throwing Tracks, Shurikens and buffs (medal, drums). 

It seems that Icefrog himself also knows about the worthlessness of the mechanics at the moment: 

1. None of the new heroes added to the universe by Valve work with invisibility. This is a very important signal that speaks to the inability of the developers to write invisibility so that it is relevant.

2. There are practically no “purely invisibility” abilities left in the game. Among the heroes with invisibility, only two were meta in patch 7.30: Weaver and Clinkz. But it wasn’t the invisibility that made them strong, but the massive movement speed boost from Shikuchi and Shadow Walk, respectively. 

In part, you can add Invoker, whose Ghost Walk is hard to counter precisely because of the maxed Wex on movement speed. 

Valve also noticed a pattern, so now Mirana’s ultimate… increases the movement speed of all allies! And as a bonus at the fifteenth level, you can take a talent of 20% to evasion, which makes the ult not so much a global invisibility as a global buff.

There are also stories about Riki and Bounty Hunter. Remember that back damage was previously not on the ultimate, but on one of the basic abilities? I’m sure if it was like this now, Riki players would ignore the ult for the sake of additional stats. 


Bounty Hunter was treated more gracefully: they gave Shard, with which BH literally wants to be found in invisibility. Let me remind you: in it, he takes 35% less damage.

It is important to emphasize that Valve solves the problem with invisibility by offering a system where “invisibility” is only a part of the buff, and not always the main one. 

So what’s the point of this convention? Hottake: Riki without invis would be just as effective. I think it’s time to start the Make Invisibility Great Again program. How can I do that?

1. Enter a limit on Dust of Appearance, like Sentry Ward. 

2. Enter a small (from 0.5 sec to a second) delay between the use of Dust / Ward and the illumination.

3. Remember the joke about Riki and Mirana’s ult, under which the first must enter super invisibility? Maybe it’s not such a bad idea now. Let’s say for each layer of invisibility you need to give an extra Dust or Sentry. 

* * *

How do you feel about invisibility? Is it worth buffing this mechanic? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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