CD Projekt RED, which collaborated with Epic Games for The Witcher, pointed out that the PC version of the game can also be sold on Steam.

CD Projekt RED gave big news the other day and officially announced the new game in The Witcher series . The information given about this game was only that the work in question would start a new story and be developed with Unreal Engine 5. Yes, the long-standing internal game engine would be gone, instead Unreal Engine 5 would come. The company would also work closely with Epic Games. As a result of this study, the mentioned game engine would also be able to improve itself. As such, players began to think that this game might be exclusive to the Epic Games Store platform on PC.

Newly announced The Witcher won't be exclusive to the Epic Games Store

According to a small statement made by CD Projekt RED on Twitter, the game will not be exclusive to a single store on any platform. In other words, we will be able to see The Witcher game on the PC side, both on Steam and on stores such as the Epic Games Store at the same time. Meanwhile, it was also stated that the video game in question will be at AAA level and will be directed by Jason Slama. According to this person’s profile on LinkedIn, he has been working as a game director in this project since 2021. So, the game itself may be in active development since 2020-2021.

The aforementioned game director previously served in the same role in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, and before that he worked as an administrator in online services. Jason Slama also took part in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and served as a senior programmer on the game’s user interface. He had been working with Ubisoft before that and had worked on games developed mostly for portable platforms.

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